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I have created a new Facebook page, where I intend to post every time I update with new posts or photos or videos.

Find the link below or on the About page.

I have been messing around with displaying links to related content on the "KP says" and "Concerts" details pages. When you open content in "KP says" then any related content will be displayed as links at the bottom of the page in a grey box.

I'm not 100% sure if it works in all scenarios but I'll be keeping an eye on it.

I have added a new "Concerts" box to the "Welcome" page. The left-hand side shows the 5 next concerts I plan to go to in the Future. The right-hand side shows the 5 last concerts I went to in the Past.

It is possible to click the rows and jump to the concerts. For the Past concerts there is an indication if I have written a Review and/or added a Setlist.

I have made some modifications to the layout on the "Concerts" list page and on the "News" list page. It works better for smaller displays now (e.g. mobile phones).

I've improved the search / filter functionality on the "Concerts" list page. Hit the "Options" button on the page to access it.

I am currently trying to become friends with the Google robots. It is no easy task. In my opinion, Google Search Console has a retarded user interface and their indexing services and robots are even more retarded. 

I've been fighting this battle for a while now and the status of things certainly ain't anywhere near how I'd like it to be. I guess I'll just have to be patient and keep fighting. Maybe Google will stop being retarded at some point. Who knows?

I've updated the site to .NET 7 Blazor and it went well, with only a few minor issues I could easily fix.

I've added a new "Statistics" box to the "Welcome" page. It shows counts for Site Visitors and a "KP says" Top 5 Hits for the Last Month. Visitor numbers are low but that was never the point of this site anyway. It gives me a playground to play around with brand new .NET Blazor features and that's great fun.

I may tweak and optimize the "Statistics" box a bit over the next days. We'll see what happens.

I made a fatal mistake on Friday November 4th. By a sequence of stupidities I managed to delete all data from my production database. My Hosting Provider saved my ass Today for a small fee when they found a database backup that was only 1 day old. I am extremely grateful. Without their backup I could have lost more than 2 months of work.

This has once again taught me a lesson. There is NO excuse for not having a recent backup of your data and code. It will NOT happen again. Pfeeew. It's been a long weekend not knowing if there was a cure for my stupidities. Now I can relax again.

The "Welcome" page works okay for now, maybe I'll add more info boxes to it later...

I've been chasing some annoying random errors I found in the log. It's not always easy figuring out why something failed in Blazor, but I hope I've fixed most of the errors now.

I've split the photos and videos into dedicated photo and video menus. It makes it a bit easier to navigate them.

I've released the first experimental version of my new "Welcome" page. I'll probably tweak it a bit and add more content over time.

I've improved the search / filter functionality on the "KP says" and "Photos" pages. Hit the "Options" button on the pages to access it.

I have been improving and fixing all sorts of minor/major things on the site. Most visibly I have begun adding a lot more photos, some are new some are from the archives. I have also made it possible to present some of my videos from my collection of live videos at Vimeo.

I will keep on improving the site, I still have plenty of stuff to add, improve, tweak and fix. All things considered though, I am fairly happy now, with how the site looks and works.

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