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KP's 2017 Album Top 10 [Music Comment]

KP's 2017 Album Top 10

These are the 10 best albums I bought in 2017:

I'm not gonna try to put them in any order, because it all depends on my mood. If they made this list, it means I like them.

The new hope and the new rulers of Danish metal. Slægt have already blasted all competition to smithereens. Mercyful Fate reborn.

Miley returned to her roots. It's a brilliant pop country album. I'm not sure if she'll ever make the perfect Miley album, but this one comes close enough.

  • Warner E. Hodges: Right Back Where I Started

Warner is the only artist on this list twice (also with DBAHS.) This is his best solo album so far. It sounds even better live, I had the pleasure of hearing it in Malmö. A real guitar hero and a great guy.

  • Nine Inch Nails: Add Violence (EP)

The 2nd NIN EP in a trilogy. Just as nice as the first one. I love getting a new NIN EP every 6 months. These EPs have everything on them that ever made NIN cool.

  • Prince & The Revolution: Purple Rain [3CD+DVD Boxset, Collector's Edition]

Remastered + lots of extended and unreleased tracks in great quality. One of the greatest rock albums in history finally got a worthy boxset treatment.

A very fine album from my favorite Finnish madmen. Jukka complains he didn't sing well enough, because of a sore throat, but I don't care. It's 27:18 minutes of rock n roll and I like it and so does Satan.

  • Dan Baird & Homemade Sin: Rollercoaster

My new favorite DBAHS album. It has a nice consistent flow of fine rock songs and it sounds really good too.

  • Derwood: Tone Poet Livation (Live 2017)

Slide-guitar maestro Derwood's Tone Poet projects played live on a radio show. Sounds really good and a nice selection of songs from the 3 albums so far. A new one should get released next year.

The return of my favorite space alien gods. Nothing can kill GWAR - not even death.

  • Motörhead: Under Cöver

A collection of some cover songs done by Motörhead. Neither the perfect nor the complete version it could have been, but it's a fine listen with a good flow.

Albums right outside the list:

The original shock rocker is back. Not that he ever went away. Not his best album in newer time, but still worth several spins on your player.

Jesper's debut solo album. Sounds a lot like D-A-D at times, but with a bit more serious lyrics. Not a bad album, but nothing special either. Good clean family entertainment you can trust. I would have preferred something a lot more dangerous than that. Maybe next time.

  • Ani DiFranco: Binary

Another rather quiet album from Ani. Not her best, but Ani is always worth a listen, and this is no exception.

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