KP says

GWAR : "The Blood of Gods"

What sounded like a mission impossible, has ended up quite differently. With the sad loss of first Flattus and shortly after, the mighty Oderus, it seemed that GWAR had been knocked out for good. I had no hope of ever listening to a new record from my favorite alien space gods. How wrong I was.

"The burden is greater

Since we lost your voice

Still they hate us

As if we have a choice

It's not about money

It's not about fame

We can never stop

Gotta do it again and again"

This new album is GWAR as we've always known them. Totally effective kick-ass metal music with fucked up lyrics. Nothing has changed really, and that is just the perfect news. Blothar The Berserker now handles lead vocals and bass, and while he mumbles and babbles way less aggressively than Oderus used to, it's all good and fits in nicely with the music. The song "Phantom Limb" is a key song on the album and pretty much explains their reasons to keep the band rockin' and also touches the sad loss of Oderus.

"Will you ever rise again?

Lights growing dim

I can feel you

Like a phantom limb

Will I ever laugh again?

World looks so grim

I can feel you

Like a phantom limb"

The production/mastering is a bit off. It sounds somewhat "compressed" on both digital and the 2 disc vinyl. It's not that bad, but it certainly could have been better. Both the 2LP and the CD come with a poster and lyrics.

Now I'd actually love to see GWAR perform live in Europe again, something I would never have imagined only a few years ago. Death cannot kill GWAR. Nothing can.

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