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Alice Cooper - Albums - (Reviews / Ratings)

On this page I have tried to compare and rate the official releases of Alice Cooper. I have tried to highlight which tracks I see as the most important on the individual releases. There is a massive lot of more or less interesting Cooper compilations out there, so this list is not complete.

 Rating: 9/10
Important Tracks: Later...
©: 2017   (p): 2018   Label: ?   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Alice Cooper - PARANORMAL
Important Tracks: Later...
©: 2017   (p): 2017   Label: ?   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Alice Cooper - RAISE THE DEAD - Live From Wacken 2013
Title: RAISE THE DEAD - Live From Wacken 2013
Important Tracks: Later...
©: 2013   (p): 2014   Label: UDR   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Back to the nightmares of the legendary Cooper album "Welcome to my Nightmare"[1975]. The original musicians from back then even join in, and it has been produced by Bob Ezrin. The real gems are the odd songs like "Last Man On Earth" with a "musical" sound to it or the disco song "Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever", while "I'll Bite Your Face Off" is an easy-to-like tribute to early Rolling Stones. Rob Zombie provides backing vocals on "The Congregation" and I think Ke$ha does a fine job on the catchy "What Baby Wants". Even the bonus track "Under The Bed" is cool. No one expected this Nightmare re-visited to rival the old masterpiece, but it's still a great ride and well worth the price of the ticket.
Important Tracks: I Am Made Of You, Caffeine, A Runaway Train, Last Man on Earth, The Congregation, I'll Bite Your Face Off, Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever, Something to Remember Me By, What Baby Wants, The Underture
Bonus: "Under the Bed"
©: 2011   (p): 2011   Label: Bigger Picture   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Alice Cooper - ALICE DOES ALICE (EP)
"Alice does Alice" is an EP, that I got from his website - if I remember it correctly - ahem, because they "always gladly liked to sell to European customers?" or something? Anyway, it contains 5 re-recorded classics, and I love them all. It is much like hearing the band playing their shit live and fresh. These songs are freakin' old and there was a huge gap between the old studio versions and this new live shit. This EP fills some of that gap. Excellent!
Also worth mentioning is the "Keeping Halloween Alive" single. It's not part of this EP - and it's not really great at all. But it exists. And so does the Babel fish. And so doesn't God. Unless God is Golf. Then it does. If your name is Alice. Otherwise it doesn't.
Important Tracks: School's Out, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Elected, Eighteen, Welcome To My Nightmare
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 Rating: 10/10
Alice Cooper - LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH 2009
This recording from the "Theatre Of Death" tour is pure perfection. Recorded at London's legendary Hammersmith with perfect sound and vision (it has also been released as a DVD and Blu-ray.) I was at the show the day before this one in Brighton, so I got the same kicks and thrills live, only at a more intimate venue. Alice's voice is raw but really great, and the band is fucking rocking. This is a band that have played together for a long time and know and deliver their shit. Just listen to their instrumental version of "Black Widow" for proof - say no more! This is clearly one of the best Alice Cooper live recordings ever in my opinion and the video versions are just as great. Go grab it before you get hanged or stabbed or buried alive, because by then you might regret not having seen and heard this great show. The setlist is awesome and it features only hits. There's nothing to wait for. Like I said, it's mostly hit songs from his entire career, but there's a few newer songs too: "Dirty Diamonds", "Vengeance Is Mine".
Important Tracks: All of them. It's a fucking Cooper hit parade.
©: 2009   (p): 2010   Label: Bigger Picture   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 4/10
Finally again a concept album, telling the story of a serial killer named Spider (or is it Steven?) Spider collects one leg from each victim to build a spider. Musically it is mostly a mix of glamrock and a ballad or two. "Wake The Dead" is a pretty good song, and "Catch Me If You Can" is perhaps the best up-tempo rocker on the album. The great ballad "Killed By Love" stands out, because this is a type of song that Alice masters as few, and this is no exception. The slow and epic song "Salvation" deserves a special mention as it was great enough to match the songs from the latest concept album "The Last Temptation", something only few songs on this album is capable of. Main problem apart from song quality is that the story that drives the album is a bit weak, and not detailed enough to be really interesting.
Important Tracks: I Know Where You Live, Vengeance Is Mine, Wake The Dead, Catch Me If You Can, Killed By Love, Salvation
©: 2008   (p): 2008   Label: Steamhammer   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 5/10
Alice Cooper - LIVE AT MONTREUX 2005
This is a gig with a pathetic dead Swiss crowd. Somebody shoulda told them to go home and get some sleep and never come back. Boooooo! I hope this is not how all Swiss crowds look. Fucking Hell?!
Anyway, it makes for a sad DVD (please don't buy it!), but the cd is more forgiving. The band is great and there's a bunch of newer songs on the setlist as well as all the has-to-be-there-of-old songs. The sound is not excellent though. What the fuck? Something in Schwitzerland is not excellent?!?! I'm sorry, but it ain't. End of story. Check the other live albums on this list for better alternatives.
Important Tracks: All the old hits, and: Dirty Diamonds, Woman of Mass Distraction, Between High School and Old School, What Do You Want From Me?
©: 2005   (p): 2006   Label: Eagle   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
"Dirty Diamonds" is like a more polished version of the album before it. Not with the same degree of punk to it, but it's still garage rock with a full on determination to rock out with good songs and great melodies. Alice and his awesome band were fully ignited in 2003-2005. Must have been some pretty high octane booze in his golf balls back then. 2 very complete albums in a row and some very enjoyable music. The best track on the "Dirty Diamonds" album? It's "Run Down The Devil", no doubt about it. It grooves like hell.
"It’s twelve o’clock in the mornin' While everybody is sleepin’ I want him dead in my head lights Cuz in the shadow he’s creepin'"
Important Tracks: Woman Of Mass Distraction, Perfect, Dirty Diamonds, The Saga Of Jesse Jane, Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies), Pretty Ballerina, Run Down The Devil, Steal That Car, Six Hours, Your Own Worst Enemy, Zombie Dance
©: 2005   (p): 2005   Label: Eagle   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 9/10
Too much metal on the last two albums? Well, time for some garage rock punk then. Being the lover of "smashed in your face, no bullshit" music I am, this album is perfect. Not enough time to waste it getting the production right (it's nowhere near 100% right), not enough time to waste on polishing every single fucking detail of every song. This is lo-fi rock'n'roll and it kicks ass! I love this album. I caught Alice live on the "Eyes of Alice Cooper" tour in 2004 and it was excellent. Especially because he played "Who Do You Think We Are?" live.
"Playing loud and fast Make that guitar blast Playing like today will be your last...
Well I was born there Gonna die there With all my long hair Detroit City You feel your heart beat You hit the concrete Dance the mean street Detroit City
Important Tracks: What Do You Want From Me, Between High School And Old School, Novocaine, Bye Bye Baby, Be With You Awhile, Detroit City, Spirits Rebellious, This House Is Haunted, Love Should Never Feel Like This, The Song That Didn't Rhyme, I'm So Angry
©: 2003   (p): 2003   Label: Eagle   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Alice Cooper - DRAGON TOWN
Just a year after the first real hard rock album of his career, it was no wonder that Alice Cooper decided to repeat the success. "Dragontown" doesn't sound far from "Brutal Planet". In fact you could see them as one very extended album. Anyway, "Dragontown" is a very consistent album and I can't say a bad thing about it. It's a bit of an attack on the moral decay seen everywhere in society today and I can't really disagree with that, it's only gotten worse since.
"We can dig you a home deep in the ground Bury your soul down in Dragontown We'll be lower than low spiraling down Far as you wanna go down in Dragontown"
Important Tracks: Triggerman, Deeper, Dragontown, Sex Death And Money, Disgraceland, I Just Wanna Be God, It's Much Too Late, The Sentinel
Bonus track: "Can't Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me"
©: 2001   (p): 2001   Label: Spitfire   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Alice Cooper - BRUTAL PLANET
After the excellent concept album "The Last Temptation" and a looooooong break (6 years???) Alice Cooper came back me(n)tal. Cooper has often been categorized as a metal act, but never really was. Well, that was until "Brutal Planet". This album was the most hardcore offering from The Coop so far. A hard sound but still with a distinct touch of The Coop. Actually, I prefer him a bit more to the softer side, but it's not bad at all. Of course there's also a fine Cooper ballad in the hard lot "Take It Like A Woman", but most of the songs are pure hard rock.
"I'm on some thin ice You push me too far Welcome to my nightmare No more Mr. Nice Guy"
Important Tracks: Brutal Planet, Wicked Young Man, Blow Me A Kiss, Eat Some More, Pick Up The Bones, Gimme, It's The Little Things, Take It Like A Woman
©: 2000   (p): 2000   Label: Spitfire   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 4/10
Alice Cooper - BRUTALLY LIVE (Hammersmith Apollo, live 2000)
Title: BRUTALLY LIVE (Hammersmith Apollo, live 2000)
Important Tracks: Later...
©: 2000   (p): 2000   Label: ?   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 9/10
Alice Cooper - THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF ALICE COOPER (4cd boxset)
This is nothing short of a perfect boxset. You'll get so much value for your money. 4 cds, following Alice from the beginning with The Spiders, thru stuff like "Nobody Likes Me", thru the Alice Cooper Band era, thru the Alice Cooper Solo era and all the way up to and including 1994's "The Last Temptation". Also you get a very high quality booklet with lots to read and look at. This is how to do it! The best thing is perhaps, that while it is a chronological travel thru time, you don't always get the easy solution. You'll get demos, outtakes, and single remixes along the way. This is a necessary item in any Cooper collection. The biggest gems for me were: "Who Do You Think We Are" (single), "Look At You Over There, Ripping The Sawdust..." (a legendary "Special Forces" demo), "For Britain Only". I am sure that any Cooper fan will find valuable gems on this boxset.
Important Tracks: Too many to list here, this is a 4 cd career spanning boxset of pure awesomeness!
©: 1999   (p): 1999   Label: Rhino   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
What is so great about this live album recorded in 1996 is the sound quality. This recording sounds fucking great. Top of the pops. The setlist is Alice Cooper hits and more hits. Slash and Rob Zombie pops in on several songs, and it all works out totally cool. The album was recorded at the Cabo Wabo club in Mexico in 1997 and Sammy Hagar also joins in on the first track "School's Out".
Last song "Is Anyone Home?" is a studio bonus track and is preceeded by an annoying Spanish radio host introducing it.
The album was re-released in 2005 entitled "Live at Cabo Wabo '96" with a 12 song tracklist and a different cover.
Important Tracks: This is an Alice Cooper live album. Expect no weak tracks. The original Japanese release has 17 live songs, but other releases have a shorter tracklist.
©: 1997   (p): 1997   Label: Angel   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
I've always seen 1986 and up until 1991 as a dark period in Cooper history. Dark as in shitty albums. I really hated how the 80s Bon Jovi pop-sound poluted everything cool about Cooper. 1994 was when the spell was finally broken. "The Last Temptation" is a brilliant concept album and it came with a free graphic novel with 2 more to collect. The story was written by Neil Gaiman and both story and music is excellent. It was really a serious comeback from The Coop and most stuff he has done from that point truly rocks like it should.
"Mercy please, I'm on my knees You're my temptation Measure my faith, the devil's awake He knows you're my temptation"
Important Tracks: Sideshow, Nothing's Free, Lost In America, You're My Temptation, Stolen Prayer, Lullaby, It's Me, Cleansed By Fire
©: 1994   (p): 1994   Label: Epic   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 3/10
Alice Cooper - HEY STOOPID
The title song "Hey Stoopid" is kinda catchy and also kinda annoying. But still, it works. The album has a lot of that awful Bon Jovi feeling and sound to it and the next song "Love's a Loaded Gun" is not good for my blood pressure. This album does have tons of big guest stars, including: Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Vinnie Moore, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars. It doesn't help a shitty bit. The album still kinda sucks. It really has a plastic Bon Jovi sound to it. This was not the real Alice Cooper at all. It didn't feel like Alice Cooper. Was all hope really out for us who knew what the man was able to do when inspired?
Important Tracks: Hey Stoopid, Might as Well Be on Mars, Feed My Frankenstein
©: 1991   (p): 1991   Label: Epic   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 4/10
Alice Cooper - TRASH
Title: TRASH
I can't deny that this album was a hit and especially the album opener "Poison". It's easily Alice Cooper's biggest hit next to "School's Out". Not in any way deserved though, because he has written so many better songs than those two, but so it is and I accept it. I even enjoy "Poison" live, because the crowd loves it and you can't ignore that feeling live. What I don't accept or like is the awful Bon Jovi sound and influence on this album. I've always hated Bon Jovi and I always will. The album may sound better than the 2 albums that came before it, but it is still way down on the Alice Cooper top albums list, and it only has a few memorable songs to offer.
Important Tracks: Poison, Spark In The Dark, Trash, Hell Is Living Without You, I'm Your Gun
©: 1989   (p): 1989   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 2/10
More eighties pop music from the shadow of the former Coop. First track "Freedom" rocking the lyrics "raise your fist and yell" starts off fairly well, but when you reach the next song "Lock Me Up" and hear the chant "If you don't like it you can lock me up - Woah, oh, oh, oh, oh" then you really really REALLY want to lock this album up and fucking forget about it, Woah, oh, oh, oh, oh.
A disgrace to the mighty name of Alice Cooper. Somebody should have stopped him - I won't say "locked him up", given his past. This album was an all-time low in Alice Cooper history. Woah, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Important Tracks: Freedom, Give the Radio Back
©: 1987   (p): 1987   Label: MCA   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 3/10
Alice Cooper - CONSTRICTOR
Some of these songs may have sounded better with a very different production - not sounding like dumb flat eighties disco. Unfortunately that is exactly how this entire album sounds. I thought it shite when it came out in 1986, and I still don't like it. I actually love eighties music and many of my musical heroes and favourite albums are from that era, but Alice Cooper just degraded himself to something he didn't have to. He was the shock master with a great history. His first 3 albums of the eighties even proved he mastered a brand new sound, but "Constrictor" only proves that production can kill anything. The song "He's Back" featured on the "Friday the 13th - Part VI" soundtrack and the "Constrictor" album was a success. Unfortunately success doesn't mean that it was good.
Important Tracks: Teenage Frankenstein, Thrill My Gorilla, He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)
©: 1986   (p): 1886   Label: MCA   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Alice Cooper - DADA
Title: DADA
This is a strange album. It sounded kinda "old" when it came out in 1983. It still sounds old today, but it has something special about it. It was a total shift from the 3 glam punk albums that came before it. This is more traditional Alice Cooper, but something about it feels like a weird horror movie, that you are not sure you really want to see. I've come to like this album a lot over the years and I still play it quite often. Not that I understand it any better now after all those spins. Alice was blasted out on drugs when he recorded it, and maybe it is a strange portal into a world that cannot be understood by ordinary mortals. Last song "Pass The Gun Around" is a fucking brilliant song. The painting on the album cover is great too.
"Sonny wakes up in the morning, there's a stranger in his bed - Someone's pounding on the hotel door, he wishes he was dead - I've had so many blackout nights before - I don't think I can take this anymore"
Important Tracks: DaDa, Enough's Enough, Former Lee Warmer, No Man’s Land, Dyslexia, Scarlet and Sheba, Fresh Blood, Pass the Gun Around
©: 1983   (p): 1983   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
The last album in the AC - new wave, 80ties, punk, glam trilogy era, is very awesome like the 2 albums that came right before it. Introduced to me by an uncle of mine, who loves the song "I Am The Future" taken from the movie "Class of 1984". A thoughtful and great song indeed. But well, most of this album is best described as fucking fun and games. It's lightweight and it's just so goddamn catchy, well-produced and melodic, that you must be a serious asshole, if you don't love it.
"Take a look at my face I am the future How do you like what you see? Take a look at my face I belong to the future And you belong to me"
Important Tracks: Zorro's Ascent, Make That Money (Scrooge's Song), I Am The Future, No Baloney Homosapiens, Adaptable (Anything For You), I Like Girls, Remarkably Insincere, Tag You're It, I Better Be Good, I'm Alive (That Was The Day My Dead Pet Returned To Save My Life)
©: 1982   (p): 1982   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
This is the first A.C. album I ever heard (a VHS tape from a French TV show back then in the 80s.) It has never let me go ever since.
"I'm always there when you think I'm not, I'm razor sharp and I'm white and hot, My finger squeezes out the final shot, Say 'goodbye'."
The single version of "Who do..." is even better and the "Teddybear... (demo)" is desperately needed. Still this is how cool new wave, glam, punk, pop, rock ever got in the 80s.
Many people never understood. Many people are very stupid. Ultimate and übercool Alice to perfection. Now, who do you think we are? Dunno, but you look cool in rags and you're a movie.
Important Tracks: Who Do You Think We Are, Seven and Seven Is, Prettiest Cop on the Block, Skeletons in the Closet, You Look Good in Rags, You're a Movie, Vicious Rumours.
*Demo: "Look at You Over There Ripping the Sawdust from My Teddybear"
©: 1981   (p): 1981   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
My love for this excellent album started with the VHS tape mentioned in my comments for the next album "Special Forces". The hit song "Clones" was included at that very TV show, and it is not only a great song, the lyrics are truly fucking phenomenal. It is still a true one-of-a-kind song this very day some 33 years later. The rest of the album is almost on par with that. Fucking awesome. You may flush whatever you want, but Alice moved his ass back on top of the headlines in the year 1980 and on. Welcome to The Coop fashion!
"I'm all alone - so are we all, We're all clones, All are one and one are all...
Six is having problems adjusting to his clone status, Have to put him on a shelf, All day long we hear him crying so loud, I just wanna be myself... Be myself Be myself
Important Tracks: Talk Talk, Clones (We're All), Pain, Leather Boots, Aspirin Damage, Grim Facts, Model Citizen, Dance Yourself To Death, Headlines
©: 1980   (p): 1980   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
Alice Cooper - FROM THE INSIDE
Funny thing is, I disliked this album when I first borrowed it on a music cassette from a public library back in the eighties. Time changes your mind it seems, because now it is one of my all-time favourite albums. A concept album about Cooper's stay in a sanatorium being treated for his alcoholism. It's got funny and witty songs like "Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills".
"I swear I couldn't drink half as much as she spills..."
It also has insanely touching ones too like "The Quiet Room" and "How You Gonna See Me Now". This album has it all and there is not a single weak moment. A true masterpiece.
"A mattress on the floor, No handles on the door, I really need nothing more, I'm alone"
Important Tracks: From the Inside, Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills, The Quiet Room, Nurse Rozetta, Millie and Billie, Serious, How You Gonna See Me Now, For Veronica's Sake, Jackknife Johnny, Inmates (We're All Crazy)
©: 1978   (p): 1978   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 3/10
It starts off fairly well with the rocking "It's Hot Tonight", but later it propels itself into hell with the absolutely annoying "King of the Silver Screen" which is an American dream gone fucking bad. This one song marches itself into pathetic awfulness of bad taste. The album also contains rather traditional rockabilly taking itself to a shitty place and then there is a choir which sucks so much that it should be slaughtered - one singer at a time - slowly. I read somewhere that Alice doesn't remember recording this album, and I fully believe that. Even if I had been half as drunk as Alice was at this point in time, I would have asked for a full erase of my brain after, had I been near this disaster of an album. Is it all bad then? Nope. There's one awesomeness: the ballad "You and Me" is an alltime Alice classic. A true masterpiece song on an album that is a pile of shit. Damn, I need a tripple whiskey after this.
Important Tracks: It's Hot Tonight, You and Me
©: 1977   (p): 1977   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Great live album with a selection of songs dating back to 1971's "Love It To Death" album and up until and including 1977's "Lace And Whiskey". The sound quality and production is fine, and I've always liked this live album. The song "You and Me" has never sounded better or more touching than on this live album, and other highlights include "I Never Cry" and "Only Women Bleed". It's not that this album is only about ballads, it's just that they are performed so damn well here. But to be honest, most of the songs on this album are highlights - from the opener "Under My Wheels" and till the last song "School's Out".
Important Tracks: The entire setlist.
©: 1977   (p): 1977   Label: WB   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Alice Cooper goes to Hell or rather Steven does on this second solo effort by the master of shock rock. Steven's nightmares ain't over and he goes directly to Hell on this concept album. The song "Give the Kid a Break" even has a hilarious dialogue with the Devil. "I Never Cry" is about Alice's escalating drinking problem and is a very touching ballad. As a whole this album is a lot weaker than the one before it and there's a number of songs that are below par, but when it rocks it surely rocks.
"Take away, take away my eyes - Sometimes I'd rather be blind - Break a heart, break a heart of stone - Open it up but don't you leave it alone"
Important Tracks: Go To Hell, You Gotta Dance, Didn't We Meet, I Never Cry, Give the Kid a Break, Guilty, Wish You Were Here
©: 1976   (p): 1976   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
Alice Cooper's first solo album. Bob Ezrin was back as the producer. It was a concept album and what a great album it was, telling the story of the character Steven, a boy haunted from terrible nightmares. Steven would become legendary in the Alice Cooper universe and would appear again on many subsequent albums.
"I don't want to feel you die, But if that's the way that God has planned you, I'll put pennies on your eyes, And it will go away, see?"
The album is one massive collection of classics and is basically without any weaknesses. It is easy to see why The Coop felt confident enough to quit his band and pursue a solo career.
Important Tracks: Welcome to My Nightmare, Devil's Food, The Black Widow, Some Folks, Only Women Bleeed, Department of Youth, Cold Ethyl, Years Ago, Steven, The Awakening, Escape
©: 1975   (p): 1975   Label: Atlantic   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 9/10
The first near masterpiece arrived in 1973. An album including a fold-out dollar bill of quite a spectacular amount and a legendary photo of the band with a billion dollar baby in Alice's arms. This album is without any weak tracks. The song "Billion Dollar Babies" with it's unique drum intro which takes us into one of the most legendary rock songs of all time. Then the song "No More Mr. Nice Guy" with a chorus that will never leave your memory again. "Generation Landslide" has some of the best lyrics in town. Last song on the album "I love the Dead" is a true macabre gem. The lyrics must surely have made more than a few sensible people drop their jaws back then. What a laugh it must have been to take nekrophelia to a new higher level of fun.
"And I laugh to myself at the men and the ladies, who never conceived of us billion dollar babies."
Important Tracks: Hello Hooray, Raped and Freezin', Elected, Billion Dollar Babies, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Generation Landslide, I Love The Dead.
©: 1973   (p): 1973   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Alice Cooper - MUSCLE OF LOVE
Good quality Alice Cooper rock album. It has pretty good songs and consistency, even though it wasn't produced by Bob Ezrin for a change. It was the last album with the band before Alice went solo and the band name became his solo artist name. It even has a James Bond song "Man With the Golden Gun" on it, that never made it to the Bond movie soundtrack even though it certainly deserved it. Most of the album has a groovy rock attitude perhaps best illustrated by the well-known title track, while "Hard Hearted Alice" has a typical seventies dreamy sound to it although it picks up more pace as the song progresses. All in all this solid album was a fine way to end the era of Alice Cooper as a band.
Important Tracks: Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo), Never Been Sold Before, Hard Hearted Alice, Working Up a Sweat, Muscle Of Love, Teenage Lament '74, Woman Machine
©: 1973   (p): 1973   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Alice Cooper - SCHOOL'S OUT
Alice Cooper's biggest hit "School's Out" (perhaps only rivalled by "Poison") opens this album. If you thought that this song would define the album, you couldn't be more wrong. This is a bit of a jazz album which meets big band music and the sound of a musical. If you allow yourself to join the ride with an open mind then it is a really cool album. It hasn't got those clear hit singles, but instead it is very consistent, it has great melodies and for the first time it feels like a full package with no weak fillers jammed in between the real goodies. Just remember that this is not a rock album, while you are lifted up by the horns on an awesome track like "Blue turk". If nothing else then Alice Cooper proved they were a very versatile band. Perhaps not an album for everyone, but I personally find it very enjoyable.
Important Tracks: School's Out, Luney Tune, Blue Turk, My Stars, Public Animal #9, Alma Mater.
©: 1972   (p): 1972   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 6/10
Alice Cooper - KILLER
One hell of a killer album we got here in 1971, maybe to celebrate my 1 year birthday. It's loaded with hits. An odd song that stands out is the 8+ minutes song "Halo of Flies", which is totally rockin' along in rather complex ways compared to the album's other more regular rock hits and it certainly has to be chosen as the album's best track. The album has several fillers though and when you compare hits and misses it only does slightly better than "Love It To Death" before it. Alice Cooper certainly knew how to write perfect rock hits, but they were still searching for that perfect album with no fillers at all.
"I'm a picture of ugly stories. I'm a killer and I'm a clown."
Important Tracks: Under my wheels, Be my lover, Halo of flies, Desperado, Dead babies.
©: 1971   (p): 1971   Label: WB   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 5/10
Alice Cooper - LOVE IT TO DEATH
It starts off really well with "Caught in a dream", an uptempo and typical early Cooper rock track. "I'm eighteen" has since become one of the greatest classics. "Is it my body" is another classic trapped in between other weak tracks. Not until "Ballad of Dwight Fry" do they find the right track again. A fantastic song that means a lot in Cooper history and is always awesome when performed live. All in all a very inconsistent album with a lot of weird trips and weak filler jams. The best songs are however still true classics to this very day, so many years later.
"See my lonely life unfold I see it everyday. See my only mind explode. Blow up in my face."
Important Tracks: Caught in a dream, I'm eighteen, Long Way to Go, Is it my body, Ballad of Dwight Fry.
©: 1971   (p): 1971   Label: WB   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 4/10
Alice Cooper - EASY ACTION
The second Alice Cooper album is a big step up from the first one. Now, it actually sounded like Alice Cooper. The band had found their sound here. It wasn't perfect yet, but they were clearly onto something cool. Alice's singing was very raw on this album, like he had a sore throat or something, but it actually sound cool enough. The production is also a lot better than on the previous album and several songs are really worth listening to. There are still some weird experiments and jams here and there, but it can't take away the quality from the songs that really work. A new super band was about to be born.
Important Tracks: Mr. And Misdemeanor, Return of the Spiders, Refrigerator Heaven
©: 1970   (p): 1970   Label: Bizarre/Straight   #:    Media: CD   

 Rating: 2/10
Alice Cooper - LIVE! NOBODY LIKES ME (live 1969)
Title: LIVE! NOBODY LIKES ME (live 1969)
Important Tracks: Later...
©: 1969   (p): 1969   Label: ?   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 1/10
Even if this was the first album labeled as an Alice Cooper album, it doesn't really sound like one. It sounds like weak demo-like songs with very little direction and without any musical ideas. The music sounds pretty far from how Alice Cooper would later sound, and to be honest the best way to describe it is: unorganized noise that is quite simply terrible to listen to. The production and sound quality is also awful so there's a good match there. I really don't like this first album. But if it couldn't get worse than this, it sure as hell could get a lot better, and we all know now that it did.
It should be noted that the song "Reflected" was re-written in 1972 as "Elected". You can clearly hear the similarity to the later hit-single when you listen to "Reflected" on this album.
Important Tracks: Reflected
©: 1969   (p): 1969   Label: Bizarre/Straight   #:    Media: CD