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Nekromantix - Albums - (Reviews / Ratings)

On this page I have tried to compare and rate the official releases from Denmark's finest psychobilly band Nekromantix. I have tried to highlight which tracks I see as the most important on the individual releases.

 Rating: 7/10
Nekromantix - A Symphony of Wolf Tones & Ghost Notes
Title: A Symphony of Wolf Tones & Ghost Notes
Important Tracks: Later...
©: 2016   (p): 2016   Label: ?   #: ?   Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Nekromantix - What Happens In Hell Stays In Hell!
Title: What Happens In Hell Stays In Hell!
Excellent album from Nekrobilly legends Nekromantix. The band nowadays feature Kim Nekroman, guitarist Francisco Mesa and female drummer Lux. I think the new formation rocks like hell on this new record and the songs are melodic and speeding along like a steam locomotive fuelled by liquid ghosts, just like we've always known and loved Nekromantix in the past. And yes, I've tested them in Hamburg and Berlin 2013, and so I can guarantee and attest: The band fuckin' rock live too.
If I was forced to select some personal favourites it could be "Sleepwalker With a Gun" because it is just a great song to ride your bike to, "Love You Deadly" is impossible to get out of my head: I Love You Deadly, I Love You Deadly, Till The End Of Time and "Bela Lugosi's Star" is totally catchy and a great tribute to the legendary vampire. But loving those 3 tracks doesn't mean I don't love the rest.
Important Tracks: Bats In My Pants, Nekrotastic Extasy, Sleepwalker With A gun, I Kissed A Ghoul, Once We Were Lovers, Love You Deadly, Bela Lugosi's Star.
©: 2011   (p): 2011   Label: Hellcat   #: 0516-2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Nekromantix - Life Is A Grave & I Dig It!
Title: Life Is A Grave & I Dig It!
With the Sandorff brothers replaced by guitarist TröyDeströy and drummer Andy DeMize and obviously still with Kim Nekroman on the coffin bass, this album is a perfect extension of the "Dead Girls Don't Cry" album. If you compare this record to some of the older records, I'm afraid that the older records will win the contest being more anarchistic and filled with funnier lyrics, but really this is not a bad record at all and musically it fits in perfectly next to "Dead Girls...".
Opener "NekroHigh" is a classic Nekromatix track, my girlfrind gets "Horny In A Hearse" has a great melody and hillareous lyrics and really the cool tracks goes on and on all through the album.
Important Tracks: NekroHigh, Horny In A Hearse, Life Is A Grave & I Dig It!, My Girl, Rot In Hell!, Voodoo Shop Hop, Flowers Are Slow, B.E.A.S.T., Anaheim After Dark, Fantazma.
©: 2007   (p): 2007   Label: HellCat   #: 0480-2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Nekromantix - Brought Back Again
Title: Brought Back Again
This is basically just a re-release of the 1992 album "Brought Back To Life". The cover, artwork and a few tracks has been added or replaced by using original recordings. A new intro, an alternate ending of "Monster Movie Fan" and an alternate version of "Nekrofelia". The changes don't really make that much of a difference and the most important change is perhaps that the album has been remastered.
Important Tracks: "Intro", "Monster Movie Fan" (alternate ending), "Nekrofelia" (organ & bell version)
©: 2005   (p): 1992   Label: HellCat   #: 80475-2   Media: CD   
Notes: Re-release of "Brought Back To Life"

 Rating: 10/10
Nekromantix - Dead Girls Don't Cry
Title: Dead Girls Don't Cry
If the previous album almost sucked in terms of quality, then this one puts Nekromantix back on the Psychobilly map again, and it puts them back big time! It has a raw production that makes you think of punk and it has many a great song. This was the last album with the Sandorff brothers and it was an impressive way to say goodbye.
Catchy songs like "Moonchaser", the great question of "Where Do Monsters Go" after the film set? and they just keep coming with "I'm A Shockstar", the lovely "Ghoulina" (another Nekro-girl like "Nekromatic Baby" and "Nekrofelia" before her) and don't forget the effective, aggressive and Nekro-cool tracks "World Of Dust" and "Dead By Dawn" that closes the album. A very recommended album it surely is.
Important Tracks: Moonchaser, Struck By A Wreckin' Ball, Where Do Monsters Go, Dead Girls Don't Cry, I'm A Shockstar, Ghoulina, A Stone With Your/My Name, World Of Dust, Dead By Dawn.
©: 2004   (p): 2004   Label: HellCat   #: 0456-2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 8/10
Nekromantix - Demons Are A Girls Best Friend (bonus)
Title: Demons Are A Girls Best Friend (bonus)
Same as the original release but with 2 extra bonus tracks.
Important Tracks: Demons Are A Girls Best Friend, Night Nurse, Last Night I Saved An Angel, Alive, Sea Of Red, Technicolor Nightmare, Light My Fire
©: 2003   (p): 1996   Label: E.S.P.   #: 666-2   Media: CD   
Notes: Re-release. Includes 2 bonus tracks taken from the vinyl EP: Light My Fire, Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend (single edit)

 Rating: 5/10
Nekromantix - Return Of The Loving Dead
Title: Return Of The Loving Dead
This is not a great album. It has one really great track and that is the opener "Nice Day For A Resurrection" that we first heard live or on the "Undead'n'Live" album from 2000. This version is however even better than the earlier version.
Besides the title track, the rest of the album takes some work to get/avoid a dance with. The last 2 tracks does however have something about them. Ahh, fuck it. I admit it. I fucking love "Haunted Cathouse". Especially live.
But simply put, this album just isn't up to the Nekromantix standard and I'm not in love with the fucker. And so be it.
Important Tracks: Nice Day For A Resurrection, Subcultural Girl, Return Of The Loving Dead, Haunted Cathouse, Nekronomicon.
©: 2002   (p): 2002   Label: HellCat   #: 0445-2   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Nekromantix - Undead'n'Live
Title: Undead'n'Live
Most interesting on this release is perhaps "Nice Day For A Resurrection". It has different lyrics than the version found on "Return Of The Loving Dead". In fact it sounds somewhat unfinished here.
The sound quality is not exactly impressive and it sounds very much like a direct to tape recording which is probably exactly what it is. All in all it is great to hear all the classic songs played live at the legendary Stengade 30 where I've seen the band a couple of times as well. And since this is the only official live release from Nekromantix, it is obviously cool to have.
Important Tracks: All of them
©: 2000   (p): 2000   Label: Kick   #: esp 994-2   Media: CD   
Notes: Recorded live @ Stengade 30 in Copenhagen

 Rating: 8/10
Nekromantix - Demons Are A Girls Best Friend
Title: Demons Are A Girls Best Friend
This album has a very clean production and the musical style has some elements of metal in it, while still being very much psychobilly. The opener "Demons Are A Girls Best Friend" was released as a single and is a true classic. "Night Nurse" and "Alive" are cool and fast as hell. "Sea Of Red" is an all-time favourite of mine with a real great repeating chorus. It also includes a cool track named "Last Night I Saved An Angel" that can almost be classified as a ballad. While not exactly being a typical Nekromantix record, it is actually one of the best Nekromantix albums around, no doubt about it.
Important Tracks: Demons Are A Girls Best Friend, Night Nurse, Last Night I Saved An Angel, Alive, Sea Of Red, Technicolor Nightmare.
©: 1996   (p): 1996   Label: Record   #: rmd 96042   Media: CD   

 Rating: 7/10
Nekromantix - Brought Back To Life
Title: Brought Back To Life
Originally I wasn't too pleased with this record as I found it a bit uneven. However, time has done good things to it, and I like it a lot better today. A track like "Horrorscope" is fantastic and the Nekro-girl track "Nekrofelia" is a killer. "Bloody Holiday", "Monster Movie Fan" and "Luni Lab" are surely very much on the plus side as well. It has some under average tracks on it for sure, but all in all it is still a pleasant listening.
Important Tracks: Bloody Holiday, Monster Movie Fan, Horrorscope, Nekrofelia, Luni Lab, Brought Back To Life.
©: 1992   (p): 1992   Label: Inter   #: intcd009   Media: CD   
Notes: Also available as a re-release by HellCat entitled "Brought Back Again".

 Rating: 8/10
Nekromantix - Curse Of The Coffin
Title: Curse Of The Coffin
The second album by Nekromantix, and by many fans seen as their best. I have somehow come to like the first album a little better than this one, but it certainly is ranked among the group's finest output.
"Devil Smile" is a highspeed classic, "Curse Of The Coffin" was the first song I ever heard from the band, "S/M" will always remind of one hell of a Roskilde gig they did back in 1997. "Alice In Psycholand" is fucked-up banjo on speed. "Save My Grave" is a slow cool track, and the only Nekromatix track that is almost entirely sung in danish except for the chorus. The last songs on the record unfortunately sounds a bit like a jam session without too much direction, and that is what lowers the rating a little bit for me. But apart from that, this album is a true killer.
Important Tracks: Devil Smile, Curse Of The Coffin, S/M, Alice In Psycholand, Howlin' At The Moon, Save My Grave.
©: 1991   (p): 1991   Label: Nervous   #: nercd 063   Media: CD   

 Rating: 10/10
Nekromantix - Hellbound
Title: Hellbound
Fantastic debut album that is a true classic today. From the first superb instrumental psychobilly track "Nekromantix" with Kim Nekroman's trademark coffin bass through all-time classics like "Hellbound", "Brain Error", "Graveyard In Your Memory" and the first Nekro-girl song "Nekromantic Baby", this is one hell of an album.
It has a raw and dirty production. The lyrics are a bit rough and unpolished as well, but it is so full of black humour, great musicianship and fantastic ideas. No doubt that this band was one to be reckoned with at most graveyards and in most crypts for the time to come.
Important Tracks: Nekromantix, Hellbound, Brain Error, Graveyard In Your Memory, Down In The Swamp, Nekromantic Baby, Electric Chair.
©: 1989   (p): 1989   Label: Tombstone   #: tomb cd 2001   Media: CD