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welcome to this thing (whatever it is or turns out to be) [Random Comment]

welcome to this thing (whatever it is or turns out to be)
This is my personal message board or maybe it is even a weblog or something completely different. Anyway, I plan to use this place every time I've seen a movie that really pissed me off, heard a cd that really rocked the house like a burning goat or if I find something to yell, shout or cheer about.

To be honest with you, I'm not really sure what will end up here. But now I've programmed the damn thing so I guess I'll start typing some shit into it as well.

Once upon a time in the days of way back I used to be called "Squirrely" in various Prince chat rooms where I used to hang out a bit too often. Also I have always been extremely loyal to the Budweiser brand - King of Beers. So well, the picture kinda sums it up, right?

Enough for now, until I find something interesting, annoying, fantastic or just plain stupid to write about. Or maybe I just get damn drunk and start typing weird things without even knowing it? Talk to ya soon.

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