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iPhone - hype out of control [Tech Comment]

iPhone - hype out of control
How is it even possible that a simple phone can receive all that press, attention and hype??? I could somehow accept it when the first Iphone was being released. But seriously, it is just as bad the second time around?? The new version fixes a lot of major issues the first version had (like missing 3G and GPS) and it adds more memory. But for fuck's sake, it still has major flaws: no MMS, ultra shitty camera, no video, problems with national letters (Æ, Ø, Å), a battery that can't be replaced easily, GPS without software, just to mention a few.

Also important, it is being sold from just one telecompany ("Telia" in Denmark, a company known for poor 3G coverage and generally expensive). It is bound and tied to shitty iTunes, and even though they have now opened an application shop, what does it help when the damn thing doesn't support java applications? There are billions of brilliant java applications out there, but no, no, iPhone wants to be oh, so special.

iPhone hasn't offered a single thing that you can't find elsewhere (and often find better elsewhere), and at the same time it lacks a hell of a lot of important features.

Touch screen, ah yeah? Well, while I - hands up! - admit that the webbrowser in iPhone is fucking excellent compared to any other mobilephone, what does it help, when the damn thing doesn't have a real keypad? It is close to impossible to write text on a bloody display and way way too slow. It is ridiculous, and I'm sure that after all the hype boils down, all touch-screen phones will have a real physical numeric keypad when the next models come out. Perhaps even Apple will have to admit that they'll need one?

Ahem yes, the so called usability of Apple products are supposed to be brilliant, isn't it? Well, I for one detest even being near a Mac computer and I find the software an offense to people who are able to think for themselves (nerds like me?) Unfortunately lots of the Mac bullshit has found it's way into Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, so now I basically hate them as well. You have to spend several hours on Google to figure out how to un-Mac the damn Windows system again. Mac is a pest invented by morons, and it is now spreading onto innocent people. When will the world wake up?

Also I'm wondering why Apple isn't being sued from here to hell and back again - like the men and women with the power usually do to Microsoft. Apple is building up monopolies and they are incompatible with anything else. Could it be that the leaders are all Apple asslickers? I guess so and there I just puked, yuck!

To make it short, I think I'll stay with my 15 months old Nokia N95. It didn't receive half the hype, but it deserved so. I'm amazed almost every day at the variety of insane programs you'll find for the N95 phone. Like yesterday when I found out how to play MAME games like my old arcade favourite "1942" on the damn thing. Except for the touch webbrowser, N95 will beat iPhone any freakin' day. And it is 15 months old...and soon to be replaced by an even sharper looking N96.

But if you want to get raped in the ass by Apple and all the trendy morons, then do as you please. I'll sit here in the background and laugh at what the world has become and how stupid people working for media companies are. (oh btw, I'm working for a media company. So I must be the exception to that. I don't listen to hype and I am able to think.)

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