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Zoom Q3 - Handy Video Recorder [Tech Comment]

Zoom Q3 - Handy Video Recorder
This is a fantastic gadget, that you can't live without if you like recording YouTube video clips from various live concerts. The problem with using most standard video recording devices is that the sound quality will be near utter shite, especially if the music is loud. Problem fixed: buy a Zoom Q3. It will handle even extremely loud music very well. Surely the auto level will sometimes require a bit of tweaking afterwards in a wave/video editor but nothing you can't fix fairly easy. The microphones are directional and very high quality. You will be truly amazed when you hear your results at home.

The video quality is good enough for YouTube with it's 640x480 pixels resolution, but not impressive. It would have been nice with a higher (HD) resolution, but I guess you can't have it all. The image quality is alright without being excellent and it is advisable to ensure there's light enough when recording.

The device has a plastic feel to it and I'm not sure it can take too much beating or being dropped on the concrete floor too many times. The Q3 is very user friendly and it takes almost no time to become familiar with it's functions. The built-in software is very easy to use and can assist you when the editing needs are simple. It likes to eat batteries so don't expect more than 2 hours continunous video recording from 2 alcaline batteries. The device has built-in usb and you can extract both video and sound.


Rating: 5

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Updated: 2010-03-28 12:05

Created: 2010-02-17 18:43

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