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Year 2022 - KP's Top 1000 [Random Comment]

Year 2022 - KP's Top 1000

Year 2022 is almost over and here is a list of categories and the respective winners as selected by yours truly, KP himself.

Best TV Series:

  • "Peacemaker (S1)", HBOmax, [2022]

It's been a really great year for TV series. HBOmax brought us back to Westeros to follow all the inbred albinos in "House of the Dragon". "Westworld" delivered another great season which sadly turned out to be the last as the show unfairly hasn't been renewed by HBOmax after it's 4th season. Jenna Ortega kicked ass as Wednesday Addams that became a huge hit for Netflix. It's been really hard to pick a winner this year. I thought I had found the winner in the vampire series "Let the Right One In" on Sky-Showtime. It is a brilliant new show and I really hope we'll get to see a second season with Eleanor and her dad. Then I suddenly remembered the show that started the year with a blast, "Peacemaker". I usually hate super hero movies, but this show simply kicks ass. It is hilarious and brilliantly done. You really get to like this team of super freaks. I've watched it several times since it premiered. "Peacemaker" is the deserved 2022 winner.


  • "Let the Right One In (S1)", Sky-Showtime
  • "Wednesday (S1)", Netflix
  • "Westworld (S4)", HBOmax
  • "House of the Dragon (S1)", HBOmax

Best Movie:

  • "Benedetta", Bluray, [2021]

Technically this movie was released last year but I didn't get a chance to watch the Bluray until this year. Paul Verhoeven is my all-time favorite director and he rarely disappoints. This drama is all about lesbian nuns, sex, trials, religion, power, politics, love, betrayal, the plague, torture, violence. It is quite a journey and I've already watched it 3 times.


  • "The Black Phone", Bluray, [2022]
  • "Prey", Disney+, [2022]
  • "X", Bluray, [2022]

Best Live Gig:

  • The Cure @ Royal Arena, Copenhagen, 2022-10-14

It didn't exactly come as a surprise that The Cure would kick ass when they hit Copenhagen in October. It is however always impressive how great they really are live. They are fucking awesome and everybody who missed them better slap themselves for their own stupidity. The Cure are one of the best live bands around. Their setlists are unpredictable and Robert and his band have never sounded better.


  • Slægt @ Stairway, Copenhagen, 2022-03-31
  • The Raveonettes @ Vega, Copenhagen, 2022-12-14
  • Warner E. Hodges band @ Folk Å Rock, Malmö, 2022-06-09
  • Nashville Pussy @ Beta, Copenhagen, 2022-06-16

Best Live Album:

  • Miley Cyrus : "ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE", digital, [2022]

Miley surprised us with a live album this year. It only got a digital release. It is a super live recording that takes us through a selection of new and older Miley songs plus a lot of really great cover versions. Miley does talk a lot on the album and I made myself a "Stop Talking" edit, and I recommend doing that, it makes a great live album even better.

Best Pop Album:

  • Betty Boo : "Boomerang", LP, [2022]

Nobody had seen this coming. Betty Boo was back straight out of the 1990s and what a return she made. This new album doesn't contain any weak tracks and it's full of her trademark happy dance pop/hip-hop sound, but it doesn't sound dated at all. They have successfully managed to transfer it 30 years forward in time. Impressive.

Best Rock Album:

  • Stormtroopers Of Love : "Go Go Graveyard!", LP, [2022]

Fantastic debut full-length album from Danish psychobilly rockers SOL, that pick up the torch from Nekromantix and blast their necrophiliac lyrics and music into year 2022. I've had the pleasure of catching a few of SOL's live gigs and they are every bit as great on stage as they are on record.

Best Metal Album:

  • GWAR : "The New Dark Ages", LP, [2022]

This category hasn't been easy in 2022. Abbath released a solid 3rd album with "Dread Reaver", but I think he has done better in the past. GWAR seem to have recovered well after they lost Oderus, and this 2nd post-Oderus album is a fine album. It is quite different than a lot of older GWAR music but I like it and have been listening to it frequently. I never thought they would have been able to recover after what happened, but they actually have. GWAR will never ever die.


  • Abbath : "Dread Reaver", CD, [2022]

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