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Windows Phone - People Hub - Missing updates from Facebook [Tech Comment]

Windows Phone - People Hub - Missing updates from Facebook
I really love my Windows Phone - the Nokia Lumia 800, which I've had for 1.5 months now, and this post is not targeted at Nokia or the Lumia 800 in any way. It is a general Windows Phone issue!

Learning to live and work with WP, especially one thing PISSES ME OFF!! I've tried to raise the problem thru various Microsoft channels and I know that they are aware of it. What I don't know is, if they are actually working (hard) on it and if Facebook are co-operating.

The problem is that in your "People Hub", which is the essential contacts collection in Windows Phone, you do not get updates from a lot of your Facebook friends if they have altered their privacy settings, like any slightly technically interested person would have - to prevent them from sharing all their personal data with the entire world (more or less.)

If you do not see Facebook updates from all your friends then the People Hub is worth shite or at least nowhere as cool as it is advertised, which is why MS and FB should pull their heads out of each others asses and get working on this issue. It is a major dealbreaker!

It would be a major shame - almost a catastrophe - if MS and FB didn't get this issue fixed right about soon, because the WP operating system and the People Hub are fucking awesome - or at least they could be, if they get it working 100%.

Here's the technical explanation as to why the People Hub's Facebook integration currently sucks:

And no, I'm not working against Windows Phone. I love it!!! It is without a doubt the most intuitive and the fastest Mobile OS ever built. So fucking wake up now MS and FB and get it DONE!

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