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Wendy James - "Racine - 2", Download, [2007] [Record Review]

Racine - 2

UPDATE - 2008-03-14:

Racine # 2 has now been officially released as a double cd. The 1st cd holds the same tracks as the iTunes digital release. The second cd holds demo versions of Racine #1. The demos are actually pretty cool and the sound quality is great. No shitty demo sound here. If you liked Transvision Vamp there's a good chance that you'll like Racine. It's not exactly the same type of music, but it is some cool pop and rock tunes, and it's got Wendy James written all over it. Racine is currently touring Europe, but it comes as no surprise that the danish bookers have been sleeping. :-(

UPDATE - 2007-12-29: Racine #2 can now be pre-ordered from (see link below).

ORIGINAL REVIEW - 2007-06-03:

Wendy James - the charismatic singer and sex bomb from the eighties and nineties pop-punk band Transvision Vamp - now has her own band called Racine. Racine started out as a one woman band on the 2004 album Racine #1. That album was a pleasant mix of electronica and pop. Actually quite good if you dig that kinda music. The single "Grease Monkey" is a really cool thing.

While Racine #1 was very much a one-woman project the new album Racine #2 is written by Wendy James and performed by Wendy and her band. The new album has more of a rock attitude to it and while it actually works fantastic live (read about my Racine live experience here) this album is not quite as good as her first one. I guess I prefer the electronic approach to the more rock oriented stuff. However, the new record contains several tracks that deserves to be listened to if you like Wendy's other music. "I'm Freakin' Out" clearly stands out as the hit song of the album. 1:59 of pure Wendy power.

What fuckin' sucks is that Racine #2 is only available through iTunes and I freakin' detest Apple and their lousy excuse for an online music store. But - for the moment at least - it is the only way to buy yourself a copy of this album. Update: Now also available as a cd release through

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Rating: 4

Band: Wendy James

Record Title: Racine - 2

This Release: 2007

Record Format: Download

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2008-03-14 18:11

Created: 2007-05-31 19:44

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