KP says

"Wednesday (Season 1)", Streaming, [2022]

It's always daring to try to recreate something with a cult following like the Addams Family movies/series. Christina Ricci was iconic as Wednesday Addams in the movies and it is bold to try and walk in her footsteps. I am happy to say that Jenna Ortega does an absolutely brilliant job. She is one of the most interesting young actors at the moment and she nails Wednesday with a nail gun through her black heart. As a fun little detail, Christina Ricci is also in the cast - total Wednesday overload right there.

Wednesday is in her teenage years now, and after a few "issues" at various high schools, she ends up at the Nevermore Academy. It's like a Harry Potterish home for outcasts of all sorts. Something that leaves tons of space for Tim Burton's mad imagination and a lot of fun. She is being paired up with a roomie, Enid [Emma Myers], who is a werewolf and is quite the opposite of Wednesday, embracing colors and feelings and shit. Their relationship is complicated at times, but they end up becoming quite a team.

The storyline deals with murders and evil plots and a monster on the loose. Wednesday will have to confront a lot of people to solve the mysteries going on, mysteries that point back to ancient Addams family, her parents and a lot of the people on and off the Academy. Wednesday will need all her cunning, stubbornness and maybe even the help of - what do you call them - friends?! Luckily Wednesday has some newly found psychic abilities that helps her see the past and future and she has her old trusty "Thing" with her to give her a helping hand when she needs it.

I loved the set pieces that are almost cartoonish at times. There are some awesome scenes with Wednesday rocking her cello and also a fantastic dance scene. It is a bit of a teenage oriented series and some of the dialogue is a bit odd and dusty, but it all works well enough. If you are worried about Wokeflix making everything a load of woke vomit, you can calm down again. Two lesbian double mums are all they jam in. It could have been a lot worse.

I binged this great show in a weekend but I plan to repeat it again soon. There are lots of details to enjoy and I'm certain it will be worth to revisit it all again. Maybe we will also get a second season later? Fine with me, if they take their time to get it done right.

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