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"Watchmen", Cinema, [2009] [Movie Review]


I've never read the graphic novel of "Watchmen", so I went to see this Zack Snyder movie with an open mind not knowing anything about the story or the characters. The movie is very long running at 2h40. In real life it feels much longer than that. It is incredibly slow and it is also quite boring.

Most of the characters has nothing interesting to offer and the story drifts into several subplots that has nothing to do with the main story. Of all the characters I only found the Rorschach character cool, and at least some action was guaranteed whenever he was on the screen.

Sure the intro sequence is really cool, and some of the action scenes are great as well but it cannot compensate for the awfully long moments of endless talk and the fact that nothing of any interest continues to happen for unbelievably long periods of time. There is some humor here and there so at least you'll be able to laugh while being bored.

This movie has been talked and hyped into something it simply isn't. It is not a great movie and there isn't much of a chance that I'll ever be watching it again.

Rating: 2

Movie Title: Watchmen

Director: Zack Snyder

This Release: 2009

Movie Genre: Action

RunTime: 162

Movie Format: Cinema

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2009-03-23 20:15

Created: 2009-03-23 08:44

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