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Top 1000 - Albums - Year 2020 [Music Comment]

Top 1000 - Albums - Year 2020

The best Albums of 2020 according to KP? Here you go!


  1. Miley Cyrus : "Plastic Hearts"
  2. Wendy James : "Queen High Straight (deluxe)"

Well, for a long time Wendy looked likely to win this one. Wendy's QHS album is a GREAT album, but sometimes the youngsters do what they do, they sneak in and smash it all up!

Miley rules o.k. A smashing new pop/rock album of hers! Even Billy Idol and Joan Jett agrees. Great to see there is hope for the pop/rock future.



  1. The Warner E. Hodges Band : "Just Feels Right"

What an awesome guitar rock album from the JATS guitarist magician. This is by far his best "solo" effort. (so far) I am so happy it got a vinyl release. It sounds awesome!



  1. Marilyn Manson : "We Are Chaos"

Manson is back. Not sure if he was ever really gone. He has been fairly consistent on albums (apart from the previous one). Let's not talk about his live gigs. This new album is brilliant. Consistent and both rocking and with great ballads.


Best LIVE:

  1. Alice Cooper : "Special Forces - Live At The Apollo Theatre, Glasgow - 19.02.82"

The best live album the world never had. Until NOW! Alice Cooper's coke fueled Special Forces were the best thing that ever happened to the music business. This live recording in PERFECT quality is so important. Damn, if only I or one of my clones had been there in 1982 to experience it live.



  1. Prince : "Sign O' The Times [Super Deluxe Edition boxset]" 8CD or 13LP + DVD
  2. Sigue Sigue Sputnik : "Flaunt It!" 4CD

Another year, another bunch of great boxsets.

The winner is clearly Prince's "Sign O' The Times" monumental record. It's fucking 13 vinyl LPs and 3x 2LPs of them are filled with awesome outakes from his Vault of secret stuff. A boxset done with much love. It could have been improved on slightly, but let's be happy with what we got, because "shut up already, damn", it's great.

SS Sputnik's "Flaunt It!" boxset is great, but I already have most of it on vinyl. The old live recording is cool, but there is no doubt, Prince's boxset beats this one any day.



  1. Fiona Apple : "Fetch The Bolt Cutters"

Fiona is back. Again, like if she was ever really gone? Great "comeback" of hers. Really weird album, but also really great. If you liked Fiona before, you'll love it. If you didn't, who the hell knows? Give it a try.

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