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Top 10 : live music gigs of 2015 [Music Comment]

Top 10 : live music gigs of 2015

Here it comes. My Top 10 of live music gigs in 2015. I had to hack a couple off, but being an asshole suits me okay. Here's the real deal:


Gemma Ray, Stengade, Copenhagen, 2015-02-28 [6/6]

Let me just repeat, my original lines all sums it up: "Sometimes you just leave a concert speechless. Last night was one of those. Gemma Ray just played 2015's best concert at Copenhagen's Stengade venue. I might as well skip all other live music in 2015, because nothing will top this gig. She is simply awesome. People who hadn't seen her before agreed. Wow! Just wow!"


Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine, Lille Vega, Copenhagen, 2015-08-22 [5/6]

This was the first time ever, I saw the frontman of one of my teenage hero bands, The Dead Kennedys. They split though, and a DK without Jello would never entertain me right. But this new Guantanamo band of Jello's, however far from each other me and Jello are politically today, it hits me hard. They sound like the DK and they fuckin' rock! Jello is his good old self on stage. Bigger yes, but still with full voice and his snappy stand-up wit. It was a great evening for me, this one. Communists propaganda or not.


Nekromantix + Hola Ghost, High Voltage, Copenhagen, 2015-09-12

This one saw the return of Denmark's most stubborn old man with a coffin bass. He made it back to Copenhagen with or without Gargoyles. The current Nekromantix band kicks ass! There is not one bit of doubt about it. The support act, Hola Ghost, including 2 former bandmembers Peter and Kristian, played their best set for many months. This was indeed a double gig to remember. Too bad High Voltage always wipes your memory (and your wallet.)


Marilyn Manson, Vega, Copenhagen, 2015-06-08 [4/6]

Manson was back. Not entirely back perhaps, but he was much closer to it, than he's been for a long while. I've told him to "go garage" and find some nerve and rock'n'roll for a long time. He did something like that on this evening. He is still out of shape and he needs too many breaks/drugs on stage. So what, it is all rock'n'roll and we all love cake and sodomy!


Horny Hank And His Honky Handyman-Men, Beta, Copenhagen, 2015-09-05

I found this sick dude and his dudes at Gutter Island Festival 2014 and he is still fucked up. It is fantastic southern music all designed for your rebel flag and your inbred family. This evening was all about the release of their new single. Meth, moonshine and horny sheep. Welcome to Amager!


Bob Wayne, KB18, Copenhagen, 2015-11-01

I you think Bob is still all about trucks, campers and country, then you are right! He is also about dedicating his acoustic guitar to me after he dies, about putting Black Sabbath lyrics to traditional Xmas melodies and generally about rock'n'roll. If Copenhagen was not up for it on a Sunday evening, thank Satan a lot of us indeed were.


BeurreNoir!, High Voltage, Copenhagen, 2015-02-27

I still believe they'll overdo it on December 26th at KB18 - but nevermind, this gig was very cool. It was at High Voltage and nobody remembers one bit about it. If you tortured people who was there for hours, not a single moment of truth would come from it. It all happened, but nobody remembers what! PONY! PONY! !YNOP


Mad Sin, High Voltage, Copenhagen, 2015-04-11

Köfte and his crazy dudes were back in Tjøffenhaven. It may be, that this town is not very rockabilly or the least bit rock'n'roll at all, but Mad Sin certainly did what Martin had paid them for: they rocked like fuck. Better luck next time: all you sad people who didn't rock and sucked your mom's ass at home.


Black Magic Six, Loppen, Copenhagen, 2015-05-15

I usually don't go to Loppen/Ravenholm, if I can avoid it, but if BM6 fly themselves in from Finland, I will certainly make an excuse. This was a gig with some highprofile name I didn't know and then BM6 as support. I saw yet another great performance from my Finnish friends, but a sad sad venue of Loppen in general. I'd recommend to condemn the entire place and surroundings and build a nice nuclear plant out there, called "Christianium One." That would make my electricity bill much lower and my smile wider. Win-win.


D-A-D, Aarhus havn Pier 3, Aarhus, 2015-08-28

I missed a couple of high-profile Disneyland After Dark gigs due to various shit, but then I got the chance to go see this one in Århus. It made up for it. People in Jylland were less bad than I had thought, some of them were even cool enough, and a few of them were from Germany. D-A-D kicked total ass and even if it was routine this evening in Århus, they are one of the coolest rockbands Denmark has ever fostered. Suck at home or be there next time.

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