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"Tomb Raider (2D)", Cinema, [2018] [Movie Review]

Tomb Raider (2D) [2018]

I liked this one. It's a little bit slow in the beginning, while we get to know the young Lara Croft, but it picks up speed soon enough. The movie is a prequel to Tomb Raider, and Lara hasn't become the explorer and adventurer yet, but by the end of this movie she's pretty much there, and it would only be fair if the movie gets a sequel.

Alicia Vikander is great as Lara Croft. She's perhaps a bit too emotional at times, but also very believable. The action is nice and the camera work is stunning. There's some really cool chase scenes, and the atmosphere and look and feel of this adventure action movie is perfect, and not far from Indiana Jones at times. I saw the 2D version and it looked and sounded great, but I guess there's potential for some nice 3D effects too, if you like that kinda stuff.

Tomb Raider has been rebooted. Mission completed.

Rating: 5

Movie Title: Tomb Raider (2D)

Director: Roar Uthaug

This Release: 2018

Movie Genre: Action

RunTime: 118

Actor: Alicia Vikander

Movie Format: Cinema

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2018-03-17 18:46

Created: 2018-03-17 14:21

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