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The year of shit named 2016 - KP's "Best of vs. Worst of" [Music Comment]

The year of shit named 2016 - KP's "Best of vs. Worst of"

Best concert I went to?

The Cure @ Copenhagen's Forum.

One of my favorite bands ever are still going at 100%. Robert and Simon rule o.k.

Worst concert I went to? Abbath @ London's The O2 Forum. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong. I saw 2 other Abbath gigs later in 2016 though, and they were both great. It was a one-night disaster.

Best new movie I watched? "Deadpool". I even went and saw it again. Right when you thought the super-hero movies had buried themselves in shit, "Deadpool" came in and saved the day. Almost as great as the first "Kick-Ass" movie.

Worst new movie I watched? "Independence Day: Resurgence" or "The 5th Wave". I can't decide. They were both horribly bad. Don't, just don't.

Best new music album I heard? Abbath : "Abbath". He left Immortal and proved that he is a Metal Panda of high importance. Great debut album, mixing the sound of Immortal, I, Motörhead to name a few.

Worst new music album I heard? Amanda Palmer : "Strung Out In Heaven". Her tribute to the late David Bowie. It was terribly boring, depressive and plain awful to listen to. Amanda used to be loads of fun. She even butchered Prince's "Purple Rain" just as badly later on.


Best new TV series: HBO's "Westworld", so complex at times that it almost made my brain short circuit.

Best new quote: "Westworld" for "That doesn't look like anything to me..."

Worst new book: The fact that GRRM's "Winds of Winter" still hasn't been released.

Worst death: Prince. Terrible loss for the music world. So sad. It still hurts too much.

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