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The Raveonettes @ Vega, Copenhagen, 2012-10-26 [Concert Review]

The Raveonettes - Vega, Copenhagen - Live - 2012-10-26

The löudest gig at Vega since them good old days when Motörhead were actually allowed to play LÖUD like both we and Sir Lemmy want them to do. So fucking awesome to have my ears blasted and smacked in by some insane bass outbursts not heard this loud since 1997.

It felt so good to be alive, it felt so good to be laughing to death looking at each other's faces in the crowd for signs of noise and bass related ear/nose/eye bleedings. FUCK YES!!!!!!! Not the worst place to have died from a skull crackin' to pieces from an appropriate bass volume setting.

The 1st support band (Carl Emil):

I read about him and decided to stay at home playing Facebook and drinking vodka+Redbull at supermarket prices (compared to Vega's not so supermarket like price tags.)

The 2nd support band (Dig & Mig):

A noisy band singing in Danish (usually never a good move), with a VERY young crowd, and with a lead singer who had a VERY annoying voice. Sorry girl. I kinda liked some of the music - but I like a lot of things.

The Raveonettes:

Yet another display of awesomeness from the Danish King and Queen of LOUD NOISY SHIT!!!!!!!! They played a very short set lasting only 1h15 maybe 1h20. What the trio did was to hammer down the house, but seriously, the drummer is just a simple machine - gotta be boring himself to death.

They've got the songs, the new album sounded great live, and hell yeah, it all rocked. The older songs made people shout and dance and then there was the VOLUME!!!!!! Motörhead, upon your next visit to Vega, please ask for the same treatment. FUCKING HELL IT WAS LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I was totally in love with the loudness of it all. And also in love with Vega's new ultra large airport size beers, I love those bitches too!

RAVE ON LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5

Band: The Raveonettes

Venue: Vega, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2012-10-26

Support Bands: Carl Emil, Dig & Mig


Hallucinations, She Owns The Streets, Dead Sound, Blush, Curse the Night, The Enemy, Gone Forever, Observations, Remember, Young and Cold, Apparitions, Love in a Trashcan, Attack Of The Ghost Riders, My Tornado, Bowels Of The Beast, Aly - Walk With Me.


Heart Of Stone, That Great Love Sound, Sinking With the Sun, Cops on our Tail.

Ticket Price (DKK): 260

Ticket Provider: Billetlugen

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Created: 2012-10-27 01:12

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