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The Raveonettes @ Vega, Copenhagen, 2011-12-10 [Concert Review]

The Raveonettes - Vega, Copenhagen - Live - 2011-12-10

The Raveonettes played a perfect gig. I had doubted their potential and I'd even been rude towards them in the past, but tonight I honestly had to eat most of my words. Even if Sune (guitar) felt a bit worried about facing the Vega crowd then the coolness of Sharin (bass) and the fact that they fucking rocked, made it all smash into place!

We received a fantastic warm-up by the support act "The Foreign Resort" who sounded like a distorted version of The Cure of old times. I bought their EP afterwards and they are really great. Excellent stuff!

I'm not a Raveonettes expert, even if a few people thought I looked like one and asked me complex Raveonettes questions in the bar. Maybe my "The Cure - Pornography" t-shirt made them think I was all into Raveonettes?

I loved the variations of the Raveonettes line-up. Sharin switched between bass, acoustic guitar and just vocal and Sune played various guitars. They had 2 drummers and an extra guitarist too. Sharins voice was excellent, but while I still think her hair-do looks like shite, I have to admit that they look cool on stage, both of them.

I only know the most recent album (apart from the b-sides collection) and that's why I even came to Vega to see and hear them. Songs from "Raven In The Grave" were frequent and sounded just as awesome as they do on the studio release, most of the time even greater. "Ignite" was the wildest party song (of course, since it is a bloody hit), but generally The Raveonettes is not a party band.

They are dark, cold and beautiful. They kinda made me a fan tonight. I probably won't buy all of their records, but I'll be back next year in Vega, if we get another x-mas gig. A truly great live band! Oh, and the "Christmas Song" was a great way to end this very cool gig.

Credits to Vega for not kicking people out 5 seconds after the last song! Tonight we were actually allowed to drink a few beers and digest it all. Keep it up Vega!

As a bonus, I think I learned how to tame the camera of my new Nokia Lumia 800. Much better pictures than the shit I got out of 2 recent Motörhead gigs. It's actually a pretty great camera once you skip auto and focus on settings and stuff.

Rating: 6

Band: The Raveonettes

Venue: Vega, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2011-12-10


Beat City, Heart of Stone, Noisy Summer, Lust, Dead Sound, Evil Seeds, Love in a Trashcan, Forget That You're Young, Railroad Tracks, Somewhere in Texas, Attack of the Ghost Riders, My Tornado, Apparitions, Ignite, Blush, My Time's Up, Aly Walk With Me, Recharge & Revolt, That Great Love Sound, The Christmas Song.

Ticket Price (DKK): 220

Ticket Provider: Billetlugen

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