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The Raveonettes - "Raven In The Grave", CD, [2011] [Record Review]

The Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave

Very difficult thing this one. I thought I had decided that I don't like Raveonettes's "noise rock". I'd even told them so, while drinking some beers with them in Copenhagen at a "very early morning" pub, before it really took off for them. I'd told the same thing to my friends throughout Raveonettes rise. I had decided this and I didn't even think I'd ever get to a point of liking their music.

Anyway, come a Roskilde Festival almost stripped of interesting bands, and I find myself listening to The Raveonettes playing their gig at the legendary Orange stage. I found out that it sounded a hell of a lot like The Cure. Not like a copy at all, just songs incorporating all that made and make us love The Cure.

Later Peter and I met Sune in Mediebyen right after the concert, and all I had in mind was to tell him that this girl, Sharin, had to get a new hairdresser. He didn't seem very pleased. Haha :).

What I had in mind, when I really woke up a couple of days later at home in Valby, was the realization that maybe I did not hate (all of) Raveonettes's music. I went out and bought the new album "Raven In The Grave" and I gotta admit that I love it.

It's not a perfect album, but then again it comes close. In my ears it sounds like a homage to The Cure. Especially if you listen to a song like "Ignite". The bass is true Simon Gallup style and the melody is great as well. When I talk about The Cure however, it's more like the entire feel of the album. It is cold, dark, distant and great.

First song "Recharge and Revolt" should already be putting a hook in you. It is a truly great melodic song, that (in my opinion) also points in The Cure's direction. To be honest, this is the best The Cure cover album I've ever heard. Not because they play The Cure songs, but because they've managed to catch and reproduce every single bit of the atmosphere that makes a song: a The Cure song. Total respect for that!

What can I say more?, I love this album so much, that I had to log into fucking disgusting iTunes to buy a bonus track: "As You Lay Asleep". I'm still missing the track from Amazon though: "No Joy". They wouldn't let me in (fucking Americans), so please somebody out there, help me?

Rating: 5

Band: The Raveonettes

Record Title: Raven In The Grave

This Release: 2011

Record Format: CD

Record Label: Vice Records

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

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Created: 2011-07-16 03:54

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