KP says

"The Nun II", Cinema, [2023]

What a god awful movie! First of all The Nun II is so dark that you can barely see a thing in most of the scenes. It's a bit ironic when it takes place in Paris "The city of lights". I don't know if they didn't use any light at all in Paris until after 1956? According to this movie this must have been the case. Whoever did the lighting for this movie should never be allowed to work on a movie again. 

You would think they were trying to hide the rest of the movie's problems in the darkness. The movie has a weak plot, annoying flashbacks and visions, super ridiculous jump scares and it is too long. It is also blurry, shaky, unfocused, messy, crappy and did I mention fucking dark? It is R-rated, which is another mystery, when you can't see a thing of the rather uncool deaths anyway. 

Valak the Demon is on a European tour and is now in France searching for a relic. Sister Irene [Taissa Farmiga] and Maurice "Frenchie" [Jonas Bloquet] return from the first movie and Sister Irene is joined by Sister Debra [Storm Reid] in her demon hunt. You can't blame any of the actors for how crappy this movie is. They only had very little to work with. "The Nun" [2018] is a complete masterpiece compared to this sequel, and the first movie wasn't even that great in itself.

For the love of the Devil, please do NOT let director Michael Chaves get involved in any more The Conjuring or spin-off movies. All 3 movies he has done so far has been weak (the others were "The Curse of La Llorona" [2019] and "The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It" [2021].) The Nun 2 is however by far the worst of the 3 movies.

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