KP says

The Last Witch Hunter [2015]

Well, it was hardly a surprise that this wouldn't be the greatest fantasy movie ever. It came out a while ago, but the Danish cinemas all skipped it, because of the rather bad reviews it got elsewhere. There must however have been enough complaints about this, because Nordisk Films Biografer realized that they knew nothing, and it just got a very limited run in selected cinemas.

Being the huge fan I am of Rose Leslie and her Ygritte character from Game of Thrones, I obviously decided to go. You know it's usually never gonna be really perfect when it's a Vin Diesel movie (the awesome "Pitch Black" [2000] excluded), but he does have a certain charm and humor to him. I wasn't disappointed with Rose's appearance. She still reminds me of Ygritte even if she plays a good witch named Chloe here, and she is just adorable. Vin Diesel is his usual self, this time as an immortal witch hunter named Kaulder, who helps keep the evil witch Queen and her dark forces at bay. There is also a former Hobbit [Elijah Wood] in the movie and whether he is good or bad you will just have to see for yourself.

The story is a bit silly and thin and it often looks like the b-movie it is, but I still found it quite entertaining and never too silly. If you like Vin Diesel (movies) and/or you love Rose Leslie, I think you'll like it. Otherwise you probably won't.

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