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"The Hateful Eight (70 mm)", Cinema, [2016] [Movie Review]

The Hateful Eight [2016] (70 mm)

It's not a surprise to anybody that Tarantino loves making very long movies with lots of dialogue and lots of ultra violence. This new Western movie is his eight movie and it follows the same formula.

The movie is waaaaaay too long. In fact, had it been shortened to half of it's length, it would probably have been a fairly decent movie. The problem is that it is very slow. The first half of the movie moves at a snail's pace, and the usually brilliant Tarantino dialogue is really weak this time. It just feels really lame and totally pointless for most of the movie. The actors do their best though, and especially Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kurt Russell shine in their roles.

Most of the movie takes place inside a cabin, where the tough characters seek shelter from a snow storm. They all have many secrets, and it's hard to tell who you can trust and who wants to slit your throat. It's just never really that interesting and it's certainly not interesting enough to last for 3 long hours. The best part of the movie is clearly the last hour, when the shit finally hits the fan. If you are still awake to see it, that is.

Quentin Tarantino better get his shit together next time and learn that quality is better than quantity. This movie was a disappointment.

Rating: 2

Movie Title: The Hateful Eight (70 mm)

Director: Quentin Tarantino

This Release: 2016

Movie Genre: Western

RunTime: 187

Actors: Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kurt Russell

Movie Format: Cinema

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2016-01-20 21:56

Created: 2016-01-20 21:29

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