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The Few Moments - "The Few Moments", CD, [2012] [Record Review]

The Few Moments

Amanda Palmer abandoned her triumphant joy ride thru Europe this spring (2013) to take the time off and be there for her cancer sick friend. How rude! Unheard off from a super star! I believe that her friends and fans understood it fully though. Amanda wrote some heart breaking blogs which should be able to convince even the most cruel hearted of whom there are probably none amongst AFP's followers.

Jherek Bischoff (bass) is the band leader and bassist. I personally prefer his music live. He is awesome when conducting & playing a few rough tracks with the full string backing. On his latest album "Composed"[2012] it all becomes way too smooth and composed to be very interesting to listen to at home.

Chad Raines (guitar / keyboards) has got a band called "The Simple Pleasure". They started out as an electro punk band on their first "Are You Ready For..."[2006] album, which I actually like a hell of a lot. After this they did 2 albums of what I would describe as "Beck" inspired songs. They played the songs from "Alive With Pleasure!"[2008] and the latest self titled album[2012] when opening for Amanda's gigs. Both are pop albums and not bad at all, but just really not my style.

Michael McQuilken (drums) was the one I least expected to deliver a full-blown masterpiece, but in fact he did. His "The Few Moments" [2012] debut album is not only great because it features guest stars like Amanda Palmer, Chad and Jherek. It is not close to being the point.

The song "MAGICFUTUREBOX" with Amanda is not even the highlight of the album. The entire album is so fucking cool. It is catchy, it is groovy, it's got soul, it's got deep distorted voice and shit. Maybe Michael tries to look like an Adam Ant warrior of the eighties, but his music is fully ready for 2013.

I heard the song featuring Amanda live in Berlin in 2012 and I liked it instantly, but not until I had this full album in my hands, did I realize how great it really is. How great the entire album really is.

Awesome work Michael, highly recommended. Copenhagen is ready!!!


Rating: 6

Band: The Few Moments

Record Title: The Few Moments

This Release: 2012

Record Format: CD

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

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