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"The Equalizer 3", Cinema, [2023] [Movie Review]

"The Equalizer 3", Cinema, [2023]

This is the third and final chapter in the Equalizer trilogy featuring Denzel Washington as the one-man army, Robert McCall. The movie has a rather simple plot. Robert (or Roberto as he calls himself while in Italy) is on one of his one-man missions, this time he is in southern Italy. The mission is a success, but it ends badly when Robert gets shot in the back. Robert manages to drag himself aboard a ferry and wakes up in a small village near Napoli. A local doctor has performed surgery on him and has removed the bullet from his back. 

For the next hour or so, the movie is a slow build-up. Robert needs to get his strength back and he spends the time making friends with the local population. Everything looks idyllic on the surface, but the village is being terrorized by the Camorra (local mafia). At some point Robert is done with observing and he feels McCalled to go into action and do what he does best: taking out the trash. 

Robert makes an anonymous call to CIA and soon they also get involved in fighting both the Camorra and Syrian terrorists. The CIA agent Emma Collins [Dakota Fanning] has a family relation that you'll probably guess rather quickly.

I've read some complaints that the movie is too slow and lacks action. It's true that this is more of a thriller than a pure action movie. Personally I don't think it is a problem at all. It connects fine with the other 2 movies and they also had slower parts. The movie does in fact have some violence and action, and McCall is a man that is an ultra efficient killer, and he doesn't spend days on what he can get done in seconds.

Most of the supporting actors are great, and I like that the Italians speak Italian most of the time. The bad guys are 100% bad, and they won't win any awards for their roles, but it's not really a problem. They are bad and evil guys, and Robert doesn't like bad guys.

The first movie remains the best of the three, but I think this third movie wraps up the trilogy well. I've enjoyed the ride and I'll be sure to add this movie to my Blu-ray collection later on.

Rating: 4

Movie Title: The Equalizer 3

Director: Antoine Fuqua

This Release: 2023

Movie Genre: Thriller

RunTime: 109

Actors: Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, Remo Girone, Eugenio Mastrandrea, Gaia Scodellaro

Movie Format: Cinema

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2023-09-02 17:40

Created: 2023-09-02 16:54

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