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The Cure - "Wish (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, Remastered)", CD, [1992] [Record Review]

The Cure - "Wish (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, Remastered)", CD, [1992]

We've been waiting for the new The Cure album or even albums since forever. The latest album "4:13 Dream" was released in 2008. It is so long ago that most people weren't even born back then, maybe the band itself weren't even born. Robert Smith has been teasing it for years and years. On the current European tour they've already played several unreleased songs, but so far no news of an actual release date is in sight. Sigh.

What we get instead is this long due make-over of "Wish". Bobby S. already did all the other older albums years ago, but "Wish" took it's sweet time. Now it's here in a 3CD version. 

The remastered original album sounds 99.95% like the old version we've had since 1992. Sorry Bob, I'm not gonna re-buy the vinyl. My old one still sounds pretty good.

CD2 is mostly instrumentals. It is ummmmm... well........ a 2nd CD out of 3 CDs. And it is number 2, it is NOT number 3. There are 4 exceptions, 4 demos with vocals. They are okay, but nothing to die for. Some fans will like them, most other people won't care much.

CD3 is the place for remixes. They are cool. I have some of them as 12 inches, but it's great to have them here too. The best thing on CD3 is however the live track "End" from Paris '92. It is a great addition to that original old live CD. I'd Wish they had added more live tracks. This live track is the single best reason to buy the 3CD at all.

Buy it? Only if you don't already own the Wish album or if you are a die-hard The Cure fan.

Rating: 3

Band: The Cure

Record Title: Wish (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, Remastered)

First Release: 1992

This Release: 2022

Record Format: CD

Record Label: Fiction

Extra Info:

  • 3CD with booklet


Reasons to buy, if you are a die-hard The Cure fan:


  • The Big Hand (1990 Demo)
  • Cut (1990 Demo)
  • A Letter To Elise (1990 Demo)
  • Wendy Time (1990 Demo)


  • From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea (Partscheckruf Mix)
  • Open (Fix Mix)
  • High (Higher Mix)
  • Doing The Unstuck (Extended 12ā€ Mix)
  • Friday Iā€™m In Love (Strangelove Mix)
  • A Letter To Elise (Blue Mix)
  • End (Paris Live 92)

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