KP says

The Cure - The Perfect Boy (mix 13)

The last single out of 4 has been released, and we can wait for the release of the new album by The Cure.

The Perfect Boy is an okay song that sounds like a mix of the sound from the albums "Wish" and "The Cure". I like the slower parts of the song, it makes it more interesting, and it comes as no surprise that the lyrics are about love and broken hearts. The flip-side: Without You is not that outstanding really, but it is okay for a few spins. Having played this single more than a lot of times, I have to rate it 3/6. It really isn't that special. Especially not when compared to Freakshow and Sleep When Iā€™m Dead.

It isn't really true that it is the last single though, because on September 13th there will be an EP released that holds remixes of all 4 singles: The Only One, Freakshow, Sleep When Iā€™m Dead and The Perfect Boy. The EP will be entitled Hypnagogic States.

The new album should be out on October 13th, if all goes well.

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