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The Cure @ Royal Arena, Copenhagen, 2022-10-14 [Concert Review]

The Cure @ Royal Arena , 20221014

The Cure live ... again? KP, you've seen them so many times before, haven't you? They are pretty old, aren't they? When did they have their last hit? Well, Fugget about it !

The Cure is something rare these days. They are a band of real musicians with a gigantic back catalogue of pure gold. They sound AWESOME live, they have one of the coolest bassists ever, Simon Gallup. They have inherited David Bowie's axe-man Reeves Gabrels. Plus, believe it or not, Robert Smith is fucking joyful and joking on stage these days, and his voice is still near 100%. Robert sings his heart out and it sounds EXACTLY the way it did back then some 30 or 40 years ago. The way it should sound.

I'd been following the setlists closely on this European tour during the first gigs of the tour. With 5 gigs to base my research upon, I had compiled a list of song options. The Cure follow a basic main core of songs, but they change the setlist a lot from day to day and keep adding new/old songs. Encore 1 is always a playground for everything they didn't play in the main set and is impossible to predict. Encore 2 is almost the same songs every night.

What can you say about The Cure live that hasn't already been said? I don't know. The setlist was everything I could have asked for. Heavy focus on "Disintegration" and "Pornography" is perfection. "Prayers For Rain" added, Hell yeah! We also got my old-time favorite "Charlotte Sometimes" and even "The Figurehead". The song "Push" was the one that finally ignited the crowd. 

"Like strawberries and cream - It's the only way to be !!!" 

The setlist included 3 new songs: "Alone", "And Nothing Is Forever", "Endsong". The first 2 sounded pretty great. The last one didn't really do much for me though.

A Danish The Cure crowd still suck compared to an English one. When will the Danish learn to sing along to "Play For Today"? It needs a fucking loud choir! The Danish choir sounded weak as fuck. 3 drunken English The Cure fans could have out-song a sold-out Copenhagen arena. Did it matter much, nope. Gallup smashed everything down with his lowest-hanging bass in "A Forest". Pure bass power.

Considering what you could, should and would expect from a band as old as The Cure, I got everything I could have ever wanted tonight. Yes, I could have wanted "Closedown" and "Primary" and "Faith" too. But I didn't make the setlist, the band did. I really have nothing to complain about. Band, setlist, sound, logistics : Pure perfection. A++++++

Royal Arena in Copenhagen is a modern newly built Arena. Logistics inside are excellent. It's easy to find a bathroom, fast to buy a new beer to replace the old one. The acoustics are pretty good too if the techs know what they are doing and tonight they certainly did. Support band and main band both had excellent audio quality. It was loud but never too loud. It wasn't perfect "small venue sound", but for "arena sound" it was as great as it gets.

"I will never be clean again !"

Thank you, Robert Smith and boys. We had a perfect evening. Now, about that "new" album. WHEN THE FUCK..??? etc.

Rating: 6

Band: The Cure

Venue: Royal Arena, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2022-10-14

Support Band: The Twilight Sad


  • Alone (NEW),
  • Pictures of You,
  • Kyoto Song,
  • A Night Like This,
  • Lovesong,
  • And Nothing Is Forever (NEW),
  • Cold,
  • Burn,
  • Fascination Street,
  • The Hungry Ghost,
  • Prayers For Rain,
  • Push,
  • Want,
  • Shake Dog Shake,
  • From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea,
  • Endsong (NEW)



  • The Figurehead,
  • A Strange Day,
  • Charlotte Sometimes,
  • Play for Today,
  • A Forest


  • Lullaby,
  • The Walk,
  • Friday I'm in Love,
  • Close to Me,
  • In Between Days,
  • Just Like Heaven,
  • Boys Don't Cry

Ticket Price (DKK): 710

Ticket Provider: Ticketmaster

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