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The Cure - "Remastered Albums", CD, [2004] [Record Review]

The Cure - Remastered Albums

Mr. Cure aka Robert Smith is currently compiling and re-releasing the back catalogue as double CD sets, completely remastered and with very interesting booklets with photos, lyrics and notes about the recordings.

Are they worth buying then? Well, it depends...

If you are a huge fan of The Cure then you obviously want the new CDs, because they sound fantastic in all their remastered glory. Also you get home and studio demos and live bootlegs and various other stuff not included on the original CDs. To be honest, most of the extra tracks are not that interesting, but as a fan you got to hear them, right?

If you are not exactly a huge fan then only buy them if you haven't got them already. They sound way better than the original CDs and you might even like one or two of the extra tracks. If you already own the original CDs, then forget about it. You won't get enough added value buying them again.

Released at the time of writing: "Three Imaginary Boys", "Seventeen Seconds", "Faith", "Pornography", "The Top", "The Head on the Door" and "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me".

Rating: 4

Band: The Cure

Record Title: Remastered Albums

This Release: 2004

Record Format: CD

Record Label: Fiction

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2006-09-17 15:58

Created: 2006-09-14 21:28

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