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The Cure : "Festival 2005", DVD, [2006] [Movie Review]

The Cure - Festival 2005

This one has an insanely cool setlist. We're talking "A Night Like This", "The Kiss", "Shake Dog Shake", " A Strange Day", "From The Edge Of A Deep Green Sea" and many many more... But when you hit earth again and start wondering if it was worth your flight - well then, it wasn't quite.

After the "Trilogy" DVD from Berlin I guess it is a logical move The Cure has made with this one. "Trilogy" is the ultimate music DVD. The picture and sound is nothing short of perfect. It cannot ever be topped. It blows you away.

The idea with "Festival" however, seems to be some kinda bootleg feel. Fairly low picture quality most of the time (partly taped by the audience). What I don't get is why the sound has to suck as well... It sounds like it hasn't been processed. Like a raw soundboard output signal direct to minidisc. While you can live with the picture quality you'll never learn to love the sound quality. Then there's the aspect ration. It flips between 4:3 and 16:9 throughout the disc. Doesn't really make that much of a mess on my 4:3 set. But I'm fairly sure that it'll piss off many a 16:9 owner.

You cannot help liking part of the experience simply because of the fantastic setlist. But the quality is simply too low, making it impossible to really fall in love with this DVD. Perfection is better.

Rating: 3

Band: The Cure

Movie Title: Festival 2005

This Release: 2006

Movie Genre: Concert

Movie Format: DVD

Movie Label: Suretone/Geffen

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2006-12-31 08:32

Created: 2006-12-29 18:05

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