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The Cure : "40 Live (Curætion-25 + Anniversary)", CD+Bluray, [2019] [Movie Review]

The Cure - "40 Live (Curætion-25 + Anniversary)"

While we're waiting for the new The Cure album(s) ... It should be almost ready - apart from the vocals and lyrics. But almost ready. Almost...

This boxset holds 2 blurays with 2 different 2018 shows and 4 CDs with the audio. Also included is a 40 page book with lots of photos.

This release makes it a little bit easier enduring the wait for the new album(s).

The first show CURÆTION-25 is a feinsmecker show recorded in an indoors venue. I wish I'd seen that one live. Really interesting setlist including some of my personal favorites: "Like Cockatoos", "Jupiter Crash", "It's Over" and also cool older live rarities like "At Night", "Other Voices", "Bananafishbones". Even more interestingly newer unreleased songs "It Can Never Be The Same", "Step Into The Light" are included. Particularly the first one is a fine song.

The video and audio of the show is excellent if you skip the Stereo version - including the audio CDs. The stereo audio is fucked. It must have been produced by a deaf person on bad drugs with his head under water. Luckily the surround audio on the bluray is perfect. The solution is to let your bluray do a stereo downmix from the surround track and then make audio files from that output to replace the CDs. The result is perfect, but requires a bit of work.

The second show ANNIVERSARY is a show in front of a giant crowd in London's Hyde Park. It was previously aired in cinemas world-wide and I watched it here in Copenhagen's Cinemaxx. It is much better watching it at home though. Looking at the video, I am so happy I didn't go to that show. The crowd is huge and it would have been a nightmare being there. The show is really great though. Really cool visuals and a band in top form.

Robert Smith's voice is outstanding considering how long they have been around. Simon Gallup is a bass monster with the lowest hanging bass on the planet. Reeves Gabrels' guitar is a joy to listen to. The setlist is really cool too, although a bit more ordinary than the one at CURÆTION-25.

If you love The Cure there is no way you can live without this release. It's sad they fucked up 2 of the 4 audio CDs, but it can easily be forgiven when you hear the sound from the blurays. It sounds bloody awesome and the video is perfect too. The band seems to really be enjoying what they are doing and The Cure simply kicks ass nowadays. Brilliant musicians with brilliant songs. This boxset is a total blast!

The Cure:

  • Robert Smith (vocals, guitar)
  • Simon Gallup (bass)
  • Roger O'Donnell (keyboards)
  • Jason Cooper (drums)
  • Reeves Gabrels (guitar)

Rating: 5

Band: The Cure

Movie Title: 40 Live (Curætion-25 + Anniversary)


CURÆTION-25 (25th Meltdown Festival at London’s Royal Festival Hall in June 2018):

  • Three Imaginary Boys,
  • At Night,
  • Other Voices,
  • A Strange Day,
  • Bananafishbones,
  • A Night Like This,
  • Like Cockatoos,
  • Pictures Of You,
  • High,
  • Jupiter Crash,
  • 39,
  • Us Or Them,
  • It's Over,
  • It Can Never Be The Same,
  • Step Into The Light,
  • The Hungry Ghost,
  • Alt.End,
  • The Last Day Of Summer,
  • Want,
  • From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea,
  • Disintegration,
  • If Only Tonight We Could Sleep,
  • Sinking,
  • Shake Dog Shake,
  • One Hundred Years,
  • Primary,
  • A Forest,
  • Boys Don't Cry

ANNIVERSARY (1978-2018 Live in London's Hyde Park in July 2018):

  • Plainsong,
  • Pictures Of You,
  • High,
  • A Night Like This,
  • The Walk,
  • The End Of The World,
  • Lovesong,
  • Push,
  • Inbetween Days,
  • Just Like Heaven,
  • If Only Tonight We Could Sleep,
  • Play For Today,
  • A Forest,
  • Shake Dog Shake,
  • Burn,
  • Fashination Street,
  • Never Enough,
  • From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea,
  • Disintegration,
  • Lullaby,
  • The Caterpillar,
  • Friday I'm In Love,
  • Close To Me,
  • Why Can't I Be You?,
  • Thanks @ 40,
  • Boys Don't Cry,
  • Jumping Someone Else's Train,
  • Grinding Halt,
  • 10.15 Saturday Night,
  • Killing An Arab

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