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"The Black Phone", Bluray, [2022] [Movie Review]

"The Black Phone", Bluray, [2022]

I watched this movie earlier this year in the cinema, but now it is out on Bluray, so it was time for a rewatch. 

I think it's a brilliant serial-killer movie with a super-natural layer that both involves a Black Telephone and the ability to speak to the dead. The children are really great, both Mason Thames as Finney and Madeleine McGraw as his sister Gwen. The siblings live with their violent father who has a drinking problem. Way too often children can be very annoying in movies, but that is not the case here. 

Ethan Hawke is memorable as the sadistic serial-killer known as The Grabber, who spreads horror in the area by kidnapping several children. Gwen has the ability to dream about real events in the past or future and she plays a great role in trying to save her brother when he too gets grabbed by The Grabber.

The story takes place in 1978 and I love the references to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the best horror movie ever made. The Black Phone is well made and it is entertaining from beginning to end. It doesn't include much violence or blood, but when it does, it is really effective.

Rating: 4

Movie Title: The Black Phone

Director: Scott Derrickson

This Release: 2022

Movie Genre: Horror

RunTime: 103

Actors: Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Ethan Hawke

Movie Format: Bluray

Movie Label: Universal

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2022-11-08 20:21

Created: 2022-11-08 20:21

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