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"The 12 Lost Records of 2014" - or albums I didn't get around to review... [Music Comment]

"The 12 Lost Records of 2014" - or albums I didn't get around to review...

The records I never got around to review or just couldn't make up my mind about or I'm still processing. Been so fucking lazy this year. Fuck you too. Here goes:

Various (Jason Webley) - Margaret

A Kickstarter project. Webley was 50% of Eveleyn Evelyn. The other 50% was Amanda Palmer. Not sure that I like this new album of his, but I like the fact that I backed it. And I'm looking forward to the book that comes with the cd. Physical shite is über-cool! 2/6

Derwood Andrews - Tone Poet, Vol. 2

I love "Tone Poet, Vol. 1" to death - have no doubt about that. I am still processing "Vol. 2". It sounds very different to me. Take my first rating as temporary, I have not even started listening yet. 3/6

Ani DiFranco - Allergic To Water

Very boring new Ani album. The previous one, "Which Side Are You On?" was excellent and had a lot of fine songs. This new one makes me fall asleep immediately. 2/6

Warner E. Hodges - Gunslinger

I'm not gonna lie to anybody (I even told Warner himself), Warner is not the born singer. He is however the ultimate guitarist. One of the best on this fucking planet! Dot. And I really like this new album of his. It's much better than his first album. 4/6

Billy Idol - Kings & Queens of the Underground

His previous "Devil's Playground" had a lot of attitude and humor. This new one is too serious and becomes kinda boring pretty quickly. Still it has a pleasant sound and the pop-chicks male/female will try to fuck to it. 4/6

Mayhem - Esoteric Warfare

I love "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" to death. Every time I hear a new Mayhem album, I hope. This wasn't that time either, but still it is actually quite good. I heard some of it live here in Copenhagen and I like this new effort. Very complicated to get into and weird. 4/6

Gemma Ray - Milk For Your Motors

What can I say? Gemma Ray is my secret darlin'. I love her and her music. This album didn't quite blow my mind just like I'd hoped, especially because based only on the "Death Disc" released on Record Store Day 2014 which was Suicide and Sputnik and Gemma all at once - it would have been psycho-fucking-killa. The new album is only half awesome and half so-so. I'll go for: 4/6

The Raveonettes - Pe'ahi

New times - new sound? Or in this case: new noise. I don't like this album. I've tried many times, it doesn't like me either. "Kill!" with the lyrics "One time I saw my dad fuck a redhead whore I never ever thought I would" is a pleasant surprise. Now I own it on both cd and vinyl. Same-same. 2/6

Bob Wayne - Back To The Camper

Great official bootleg album. Mr. Wayne burns his own albums in his camper on cd-r. This one is a nice one. Even contains a few country duets. I'm impressed. One of Bob's best. 5/6

My Bubba - Goes Abroader

I loved the first stuff from My, Bubba & Mi. Now they are only My Bubba. I still like it a lot, but this new album is a bit too laid back and relaxed. We need some of the old edge again. Please bring it back, girls. Yes, you can! 3/6

The Bluefields - Under High Cotton

I like this band. I love the people in it. They are fuckin' awesome live. This record is however a bit - I don't know - not on par. The first 2 were simply better. It's all pleasant and jolly fine, but there ain't too much punch. 3/6


Well yeah. A collection. The problem is, that you would always have chosen different songs, wouldn't you? It's pretty good though and it is very nice on vinyl. 4/6

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