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The 10 best live concerts I saw in 2011 [Music Comment]

The 10 best live concerts I saw in 2011
The 10 best live concerts I saw in 2011 ordered descending by date. I went to many more than those, but only 10 were allowed on this list. Rock'n'roll is alive!!
  • The Raveonettes - Copenhagen
  • - They made me eat my own words!

  • Motörhead - Aalborg
  • - Great trip back in time to Aalborg - Orgasmatron is alive!!

  • Amanda 'Fucking' Palmer - Brighton
  • - Amanda is still the most interesting and challenging artist alive today!

  • Prince - Copenhagen
  • - Prince bass-spanked the weather's ass (and ours too) after the nite before had drowned us in massive rain

  • Prince - Oslo
  • - Prince proved that the nite before in Oslo was a mistake and he restored his legendary status as King

  • Grinderman - Copenhagen
  • - Best Nick Cave gig I've ever seen. The man went nuts for fuckin' real. If Grinderman has now been retired, then weep that you didn't see this one

  • Killing Joke - Roskilde
  • - K.J. saved Roskilde 2011 as one of the few bands. Way too few to actually witness it, but man they fucking rocked that green stage like few before them

  • GWAR - Copenhell
  • - Yeah, GWAR drowned us in blood, piss, aids and jägermeister and we are still crying of pure happiness. One of the best days of my life

  • D-A-D - Valby
  • - I admit I can't remember a lot from the actual gig, but fucking hell D-A-D rocked that nite. It was insane!

  • Black Magic Six - Copenhagen
  • - Cool little venue and one hell of a finnish band. I've seen them many times before but this nite was awesome indeed

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