KP says

Sputnik2 @ Madame JoJo's, London, 2004-08-26

Sputnik2 - The future. They ROCK!

Tony And Neal better watch out. They have just gotten some serious competition. Sputnik2 (that is Martin and his new band Nino and Baz) pulled off a rather superb gig in Soho. And if you also consider that this was their first gig together I can certainly see some potential for improvement. This may very well be the real future of Sputnik. Sputnik may not be dead...but Sputnik2 is certainly alive!!

* Sputnik2 musicians Nino and Baz's have their own band "Dead Heaven"

  • Psykodelic,
  • 21st Century Boy,
  • World War 4,
  • Jayne Mansfield,
  • Atari Baby,
  • Don't Dabble With The Devil,
  • Slag (In The Back Of My Cadilak),
  • Love Missile F1-11

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