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Slægt - "The Wheel", LP, [2018] [Record Review]

Slægt : "The Wheel"

Denmark's currently finest metal act Slægt, stay true to their established sound of melodic black metal mixed with NWOBHM (think Iron Maiden guitars) elements on their new album. It's not quite as catchy or easily consumable as the EP and album that came before it, but if you just allow yourself to listen 2 or 3 times to the album in full, I promise you it will open up and reward you.

It's perhaps a bit more complex, but it is also very consistent. The 7 songs on the album kick ass from beginning to end, yet there is still time for small melodic pieces along the way, to give you a chance to catch your breath. It has a length of 41:59 to allow it to fit on a single vinyl LP this time, but also to tighten up things that may have drifted more in the past.

Slægt played the album from beginning to end at their release concert at Copenhagen's Vega on October 4, and it was a total blast. I'm looking forward to hear a lot of the new songs in the band's setlists in the future.

The CD comes with a small booklet with all lyrics. The white vinyl comes with a poster and a big quality booklet with all lyrics.

Rating: 5

Band: Slægt

Record Title: The Wheel

This Release: 2018

Record Format: LP

Record Label: Ván

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2018-10-12 20:30

Created: 2018-10-12 20:20

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