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Slægt @ Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, 2017-09-09 [Concert Review]

Slægt @ Pumpehuset, Byhaven - Copenhagen, Live, 2017-09-09

Slægt are easily Denmark's finest metal band right now. Period. They may be looking like a young Disneyland After Dark, but just wait for them to hit their instruments, and you'll be dropping your jaw. They all have the skills of another fine Danish export, Mercyful Fate, and also that NWOBM sound, Iron Maiden were part of back then. Dueling guitars, black metal vocals, absurdly great drumming that totally screams names like Horgh and Frost, and a deadly bass. They'll take no prisoners.

This was my 3rd Slægt live gig, and I've been playing their 2 records (apart from the minimalistic black metal debut) to death and torturing my neighbors with the sound of them. It was a short gig though, this one. It felt like a taste for more. Slægt's songs are very long, complicated and enthralling. You better be there next time to witness for yourself, or you'll miss out on everything that was ever great about metal music!

KP and Satan say: "You need Slægt in your life!"

Rating: 5

Band: Slægt

Venue: Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2017-09-09


Intro, Move in Chaos, I Smell Blood, Remember It's A Nightmare, The Tower, Egovore.

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Ticket Provider: Venue

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