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Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic - "Flaunt It (promo)", Download, [2010] [Record Review]

Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic - Flaunt It (promo)

US bombs crusin' overhead There goes my love rocket red

It's been a long wait for us Sigue Sigue Sputnik fans, but now the electronic version of Flaunt It is finally here. Well, so far only released as 20 copies of promo discs at sputfeSSSt 2010. I was lucky enough to get one of them. Big thanks to Doc Sputnik. A reliable rumor has it that there might be some extra promo copies released due to popular demand. The proper release of the album awaits the mastering process, but I don't think the official release date is that far away now.

Hi tech sex n' rockets baby

The original Flaunt It[1986] was produced by Giorgio Moroder and I've always loved it. It was many years ahead of it's time and while many critics didn't understand a single bit of it and called it shite on repeat or similar, it is a simple fact that they were dead wrong and/or deaf. It was simply too easy to call it a Suicide rip off. Surely Sputnik was more than a little bit inspired by songs from the first Suicide album, but Sputnik's sound, vision and style is so much more than that. While the original album rocks like hell and consists of very great songs, it could have been made even better. The single versions of Love Missile F1-11 and 21st Century Boy are better and more loaded with energy while Sex Bomb Boogie is brilliant on the original album.

Deluxe she looks she looks she can can Deluxe she looks I wanna bam bam

Once you place the album in your music player you will quickly learn that it has been worth the wait. This new remake by original Sputnik singer Martin Degville and his electronic mastermind Lloyd Price is an attempt to bring Flaunt It up to speed with year 2010. I am glad to say that they have succeeded in doing so. The album cover says Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic and that reveals a lot. All tracks are explosive high energy electronic versions of the old beloved songs. Gone is the stun guitar which is the biggest loss in the project as Neal X's guitar was a major thing in the original Sputnik. However the pace, the flow and the energy combined with brilliant singing from Martin and all the Sputnik trademarks with echo, voice effects, samples and you name it are still there and as great as ever.

Hips n' lips n' beauty queens

The new album does not contain better versions of the hit singles than the best 1986 versions (it is close to impossible to better something that is perfect), but the album is so damn consistent that the overall product is just excellent. The total playing time of only 35:06 is only an advantage. It rocks from beginning to end. It is an atomic bomb of compressed electronic energy.

Shotgun hero kills for nothing Kills for money Kills for fun

There is no single dull or uninspired moment during all 8 tracks and there are no weak versions on the new album. None at all. Rockit Miss USA, Massive Retaliation, She's My Man and Teenage Thunder simply kicks major ass. Atari Baby being the only slower track on the album is much the same great version as found on the Futuatronik [2010] EP, only being a bit shorter. Love Missile F1-11 is the same version as found on the pre-release single which also contains the b-side Hack Attack. Another remake that you quite simply have got to hear.

Silicon sex my Sputnik baby alike no other baby Atari Baby, she's my baby

The only minor issue I have with the album is that the intro track isn't separated from Rockit Miss USA, but it can easily be split with a wave editor and Lloyd has already promised that it will be split on the official release.

She's explosive neon highs She's a freaked out freak android

If you had any fear of this project you need fear no more. I was a sceptic when I heard of it first, but I am glad that there was no need to be. The work done by Martin and Lloyd is awesome, and it feels great to be a Sputnik fan in 2010. My neighbors might think otherwise since the album has been blasting from my speakers for quite some time now, but they will just have to suffer or learn to enjoy it. Sputnik rules o.k.

Rating: 6

Band: Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic

Record Title: Flaunt It (promo)

This Release: 2010

Record Format: Download

Record Label: Sputnik2TheFuture


Intro, Rockit Miss USA, Sex Bomb Boogie, Massive Retaliation, 21st Century Boy, Atari Baby, Teenage Thunder, She's My Man, Love Missile F1-11, Outro.

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