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Sigue Sigue Sputnik @ Dingwalls, London, 2002-03-03 [Concert Review]

Sigue Sigue Sputnik @ Dingwalls, London, 2002-03-03

So, What Happened?

We met up at a goth pub called "The Devonshire Arms" and it was quite entertaining to sit in there feeling a bit outta place among all the Marilyn Manson's, Black Metal fans and punks hanging out in the place. Think we were around 10 fans all in all and after a couple of beers we made our way to Dingwalls just in time to hear a bit of the 1st support act. It was not the worst support acts I've heard. I guess you could say that they didn't suck. I had a little chat with Neal and Jenny and Jon and I had some more beer or was it red bull?

Finally the Sputniks entered the stage to loud applause. The show could begin. It has to be one of the best SSS gigs I have seen so far. It featured mostly killer tracks in the super tight setlist and the sound was excellent. Heavy heavy space bass, Ultra stun guitar, Martin's vocal, the effects. Everything was just perfect and clear. I noticed that the volume was pretty loud too with my ears ringin' a bit after the concert, but that's how it should be! The crowd was absolutely wild. It was a bit of a fight sometimes just to keep on your feet. Particularly during "Sex Bomb Boogie" and "Love Missile" it was really a battlefield. The biggest problem with that much pushing was that it was hard to take some decent photos. However I did try whatever I could.

It was really hot as hell in there. Luckily there were some great new t-shirts and after the concert I put on a new red "Original Freekster" t-shirt as a replacement for my totally dripping sweaty "21st Century boy".

The 3 new tracks played were absolutely excellent, and after I've heard them again I have to say that "Mickey Mouse is going to Hell", "Everybody wants what Sputnik wants" and "Original Freekster" are all equally super cool each in its own way. Totally "Flaunt It" style and instant crowd favorites. "Yo Mickey, Get outta my House!!!" Another good thing was that they didn't play any of the not-so-good tracks from "Blak Elvis". Couldn't really imagine that they would work well live anyway. "The King of Rock and Roll" was ok and "Always on my Mind" was hilarious.

If this gig can be taken as a standard of Sputnik shows to come then I must say that the band are reaching very high levels. I will certainly be coming back for more!! And I think most people who witnessed this gig will be wanting that.

Thanx to Zammo for the tour poster. Much appreciated! Looks great on my wall.

Also I should mention that Jenny's own band "Sonic State" has a new single out. I bought it at the gig from Jon and Jenny and it's pretty cool.

Everybody wants
Everybody wants
Everybody wants
What Sputnik wants

Band: Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Venue: Dingwalls, London, UK

Concert Date: 2002-03-03

Musicians: Martin Degville, Neal X, Tony James, Jenny Z


  • Clockwork Orange Theme,
  • 21st Century Boy,
  • Mickey Mouse is going to Hell,
  • Love Missile F1-11 / Sympathy for the Devil,
  • Everybody loves U,
  • Sex Bomb Boogie,
  • Everybody wants what Sputnik wants,
  • Slave Trade,
  • Original Freekster,
  • Alien Christ,
  • Always on my Mind,
  • The King of Rock and Roll,
  • Jayne Mansfield,
  • Atari Baby,
  • Rockit Miss USA.

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