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Shitty movies top 5 (to be avoided at all costs) [Movie Review]

Shitty movies top 5 (to be avoided at all costs)

This is my current list of movies that made me shake my head in wonder and yell nasty comments at my tv set. I will probably update the list next time a real bad shit movie pops up. I'm sure it won't be long until that happens...

War of the Worlds (2005):

Every human being in this movie is so horrifyingly annoying that I almost cried when the aliens died so they couldn't kill all the actors in very horrible ways. (it's got some pretty great special effects though)

The Descent (2005):

This has got to be the worst "horror" movie I have ever seen. Terribly annoying women crawling around in narrow caves in almost total darkness filled with the most ridiculously looking cave monsters imaginable. What a complete disaster. Too bad to be true.

King Kong (2005):

If a movie is at least 2 hours longer than necessary, if the special effects are completely overdone and often completely unrealistic then the end result will be bad. Very bad. Every scene with Kong is great. Almost everything else should have been sent directly to the trash bin.

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (2005):

One of the funniest books ever written turned into a complete nightmare of a film. Almost all the jokes in the book are either missing or rewritten to something that isn't funny at all. It is not only disappointing it is an insult to any fan of the books.

Doom (2005):

One of the best and scariest computer games ever turned into a lousy b-movie with untalented actors talking complete bullshit mixed with low-budget action scenes, almost no money used on monsters and a story that doesn't even remind you of the game. Lousy, lousy, lousy.

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