KP says

Screamin' Eric - Loppen - Copenhagen - Live - 2010-02-27

Every second year an awesome but very small festival of garage rock takes place on a small danish island called Masnedø near the city of Vordingborg. The festival is called Gutter Island. To raise money for and to promote the festival a series of warm-up gigs are held in Copenhagen and this was what we were in for this Saturday night at Loppen at Christiania, Copenhagen.

The full line-up were The Hogliners, Pickled Hearts and Screamin' Eric. I had no interest in the first two bands but Screamin' Eric are one of my all-time favorite danish rock bands. They play a dirty blend of punk, rock, garage and slide guitar and their singer is a charismatic lunatic named Eric.

Screamin' Eric played a great selection of songs from their first 2 albums (Freak Show and Shake It!, both highly recommended!) and a few songs that might end up on their next album. The crowd seemed to like them a lot and people were singing and dancing while the band surely enjoyed themselves and played a very fine gig.

Last track was the surprise I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges and it ended a fine night of Gutter Light #9. I would love if the festival would book Screamin' Eric for the main festival in August, but no matter what I'll be there, the ticket has already been secured.

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