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Roskilde Festival 2007 - The tents are up, down runs the beer [Music Comment]

Roskilde Festival 2007 - The tents are up, down runs the beer
We had to lower our standard a bit as there were already lots of tents at the camping area when we finally got in. However we did find a spot for our camp at camping East and it is not so bad, I guess. After all the area gets smaller every year due to the gravel-pit that slowly eats away much of the camping area.

The weather was sunny and perfect for heating beers to an unacceptable temperature so there was no other options than drinking as many as possible before they got warmer than your body temperature. Well, some of the other guys decided to take a nap instead. After all it had been a pretty long night waiting in line for more than 3 hours.

Unfortunately I could not stay as I have been so unwise to decide to go to work Monday and Tuesday and not return to the camping area until Wednesday. I was lucky and got a lift back home to Copenhagen with a dude and 2 dudettes from our camp. Unfortunately the car broke down with failing brakes when we reached Nørrebro so the ride wasn't completely perfect and without drama.

While it may be annoying to have to leave the camping area when you just got there it also has some advantages. I am now back in the civilization with my own bathroom and fridge and my couch and TV. Also the problem with staying at the camp for a whole week it would almost certainly drain and damage your body so much that you would be totally wasted when the music finally starts Thursday afternoon.

I'm looking forward to be back at the camping area and I wish the guys who stayed there all the best luck with the weather. I'm afraid they risk getting a lot of rain tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully our tents will stay dry inside. But really, the weather forecast isn't looking that bad for the days to come. Those who remember 1997 know it could be a lot worse.

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