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Roskilde Festival 2007 - 5 days buried in mud and rain [Music Comment]

Roskilde Festival 2007 - 5 days buried in mud and rain
I still remember Roskilde 1997. It was a nightmare designed with mud and rain. Maybe my memories from that year are fading but somehow 2007 seemed even worse. Especially Thursday was the ultimate test for hardcore Festival freaks. An insane rainstorm, tents more or less filled with water and/or mud and everywhere you went you were buried in disgusting piss stinking mud to your ancles at the very least.

So why do we do it? I'm not really sure. But somehow the fantastic primitive camp life simply beats anything the weather and environment can throw at you. Surely you feel like a miserable piece of crap when you wake up in the morning totally hungover and wasted, but somehow you always find the energy to get the party started again. It is a test of your ability to survive and a total opposite to the perfect society we live in today.

Even now at home when several parts of my body still feel and look like I've been beaten half to death with a metal pole and having something close to trench foot after 5 days wearing plastic bags in wet boots, I would still be ready to join the party next year. Hopefully with a bit less mud. :)

All hail the volunteers and Festival employees who keep the whole thing together. Without them it wouldn't be possible to fight conditions like 2007. And now to the music side of the Festival which is a completely different story that you can read all about here. Also don't forget to check [Link removed] from this year's Festival.

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