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Roskilde Festival 2007 - 3 hours in line ain't that much fun [Music Comment]

Roskilde Festival 2007 - 3 hours in line ain't that much fun

Roskilde 2007 has begun. Vi arrived at Roskilde's East entrance and spent more than 3 hours in line to swap our tickets for the wrist bands that allows entrance to the festival area.

Once again you are amazed why the festival doesn't learn from year to year. It cannot come as a surprise that lots and lots of people decide to arrive early and that it will cause ridiculously long queues at the entrance. Once again the fences were broken at entrance West and the festival had to open the gates 2 hours earlier than the officially announced opening time.

Let me list a few ideas that would speed up the wrist band swapping process:

  • Let people enter after showing a valid ticket, and then have them swap their ticket later during the week. It worked some years ago and made the queues much shorter.
  • Establish an office in Copenhagen that has open for a week before the Festival starts where people can get their wrist bands. Would take a lot of pressure away.
  • Use a type of wrist band that can be mailed to people instead of a ticket and then let people click on their own wrist band.
  • Or at least add some more gates at the entrance to better be able to handle the massive amount of guests. More than 3 hours in a chaotic queue is not exactly acceptable.

Hey well, in the end we got in and we all survived.

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