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"Riddick", Cinema, [2013] [Movie Review]

Riddick [2013]

This new movie is the third movie about Riddick, who is once again played by Vin Diesel. Riddick is a bad-ass anti-hero, who is always on the run from planet to planet, because there is a big price on his head. Luckily for him he is a one man army and he has the useful ability of being able to see in the dark.

  • The first Riddick movie Pitch Black [2000] was a great low-budget sci-fi action b-movie. It had some awesome diabolic creatures of the dark and the movie was intense and had a good pace. I will rate it: 5/6.
  • The second movie The Chronicles Of Riddick [2004] was a step backwards or a mixed experience at least. Everything on the awful prison planet Crematoria was a total über-cool blast and everything involving the Necromongers was boring, stupid and lame. I will rate it: 3/6.

Like the one before it, this third movie Riddick [2013] also has it's problems. It starts off in an excellent way with Riddick left in a pretty bad shape on an unknown barren planet. We'll later get a flashback of how he ended up there, while Riddick finds the animal inside him again, and he learns how to survive in this hostile environment. He gets a cool pet "dog" and meets some nasty poisonous snake-like creatures. So far it's a really cool sci-fi action movie.

But then the bounty hunters arrive to begin their hunt for Riddick's head and the movie's quality really drops from that point. It is a bit like it was with the Nekromongers. The bounty hunters take up way too much space in the movie and they are walking clichés and rather boring too. On top of that most of them are lousy actors.

Still the movie has some trademark Riddick jokes and one-liners and - thank you Flying Spaghetti Monster - there is no annoying muslim priest this time. However, the new movie leaves you a bit worried about Riddick's current taste in women. If he goes slightly further down this road he'll be dating a gorilla with a big beard in the next movie, but maybe it's just that space is so big, empty and lonely?

It is probably only a movie for Riddick fans. Also keep in mind, that if you haven't already seen and liked the first 2 Riddick movies, then this one is not a good place to start your journey.

Rating: 3

Movie Title: Riddick

Director: David Twohy

This Release: 2013

Movie Genre: Sci-Fi

RunTime: 119

Actor: Vin Diesel

Movie Format: Cinema

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2013-09-26 15:49

Created: 2013-09-24 14:07

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