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Return to Monkey Island, PC Game, 2022 [Game Review]

Return to Monkey Island, PC Game, 2022

I just very recently discovered that there is a brand new Monkey Island PC adventure game out on Steam. I had great fun with these games in the 1990s. The new game doesn't require much computer power. My GeForce RTX 3080 barely noticed I was playing it. But these games were never about high-end 3D graphics, they were about solving puzzles and having a laugh while doing it. 

The new game doesn't disappoint. There are many funny puzzles you'll need to solve to bring the plot forward. Some are straight forward, some requires a bit of luck, some requires you to do some repetitive journeys over and over again. If it gets all too annoying or impossible or both, then there's an option to get a hint or two. I used that possibility a few times saving myself a lot of time and headaches. It's funnier to figure it out for yourself, but there is a limit to everything.

The plot? Well, it's obviously about our hero pirate Guybrush Threepwood trying to find the secret of Monkey Island and it's only to be expected that his arch-enemy the zombie pirate LeChuck is trying to steal the secret for himself. We meet a lot of old and new characters, among them Guybrush's wife, Elaine Marley.

Playing on the easiest level with the use of a few hints along the way, I got about 10 hours of gameplay out of it. It's not a long game, but I enjoyed being back on Monkey Island. It was quite like I remembered it, only with better graphics.

Rating: 4

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Updated: 2022-10-30 20:26

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