KP says

Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

I didn't drop my jaw like I did when I watched "Rambo 4" [2008] in the Cinema, but the newest Rambo movie certainly had me laugh several times at the grotesque violence and killings. 73 years old Sylvester Stallone's Rambo is still a pure fighting machine - if you just give him a good reason. The nasty Cholos clearly didn't know what or who they were messing with when they kidnapped and made his "daughter" Gabrielle a sex slave.

The movie has a perfect runtime, a nice pace, and even some decent acting for a Rambo movie. The world is full of evil assholes and unless we can keep them out by building a big Wall, we could use some real Rambo, Dirty Harry, Robert McCall and Bryan Mills killing machines to take out the trash. It's an entertaining no bullshit action movie and it's a fine end to the Rambo storyline, if indeed it ends here?

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