KP says

Rambo 4

Update 2008-07-08:

I certainly wanted to see this movie several times again, so I just bought the DVD here in Copenhagen, and it makes me wonder. If the bastard movie companies are so hysterical and pathetic about people copying their movies, why don't they release something of quality then? Having paid 160 DKK (34 USD) I expect at least a serious menu with the movie chapters and perhaps some sort of interview/ background. You don't get shite.

First you have to watch some anti-pirate bullshit on the DVD that you just paid for. Then they throw 3 lame trailers for other movies in your face on the DVD that you just paid for. And then comes the "menu" that consists of 2 audio options and nothing else. Seriously, if people choose to tell the movie companies to go fuck themselves and bypasses them, then there is absolutely nothing that the companies can say to defend themselves, when they keep releasing this type of overpriced shit products.

Review 2008-03-23:

This is the story about a snake-man who lives quietly in a small village where he spends his time catching snakes and hating the world. Much against his will he is drawn into a war to save some terrible Christian actors who has been kidnapped by some pretty evil actors.

The minimal story, the missing plot and the terrible actors would normally make a terrible movie. But not this time... This time it's WAR!

The thunder from the sniper riffle when it splits the skulls and the blasts from the heavy machine gun when it cuts some evil bastards in half. This is ultra violence and it is goddamned entertaining too. You will find yourself with a sadistic smile on your face when Rambo takes out the trash.

Sylvester Stallone's Rambo is back and he is a pure motherfucking killing machine!

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