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Prince (aftershow) @ Amager Bio, Copenhagen, 2010-10-20 [Concert Review]

Prince - Amager Bio, Copenhagen - Denmark - Live - 2010-10-20 (aftershow)

After the Forum gig we found our place in the very cold queue outside Amager Bio. We had to wait for 2.5 hours before we were let in and quite a few gave up. The ticket prizes were raised from 300DKK to 500DKK while we were waiting and that scared off a few more. However, giving the fact that Prince had promised to play a full gig I won't exactly call 500DKK an unfair prize to see one of the world's greatest musicians in such a small venue.

We were getting slightly tired after all and we found a good spot on the balcony with a great overview of the stage. Obviously we were a bit further away from Prince and the band up there, but it was still a great view in this small venue.

Prince's after-shows are long loose jams and this was no different. It is a real joy to witness such great musicians so relaxed and just having fun jamming along led by the maestro himself. Prince played a lot of guitar and Shelby did a fair share of the singing. We got one new song, a funky Sticky Like Glue from 20TEN and also we got Dreamer from Lotus Flow3r even with Sheila E. taking over the drums from John Blackwell.

I was very amazed by the Copenhagen crowd this late nite. They managed to do some impressive sing-a-long and I think Prince was very satisfied as well. Also I remember at one point when Prince played a bit of percussion and was then introduced as "Prince Escovedo!!" Prince quickly replied "Show your love to my mom!!" pointing at Sheila E. It was hilarious. It is so fantastic to see those 2 great musicians and old friends having so much fun together on stage. They are truly enjoying every bit of it.

Prince and the band did numerous encores since they seemed to leave the stage after every other song just to be brought back on stage by the enthusiastic crowd chanting them on. It was a very great evening and a fantastic after-show. It was worth all the pain standing in the cold queue outside and Amager Bio has excellent sound compared to Forum. If you add to that the appx. 1000 people capacity it was a wonderful experience. I would have felt very stupid if I had left the queue and missed this top-class gig. Well, no chance in hell I would ever have.


  • Prince - whatever
  • Sheila E. - percussion
  • John Blackwell - drums
  • Renato Neto - keyboards
  • Morris Hayes - keyboards
  • Cassandra O'Neal - keyboards
  • Ida Nielsen - bass
  • Shelby J. - vox
  • Liv Warfield - vox
  • Elisa Deane Fiorillo - vox

Rating: 6

Band: Prince

Venue: Amager Bio, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2010-10-20


Stratus (long jam), Sexy Dancer / Give It To Me Baby / What Have You Done For Me Lately? / Partyman / It´s Alright / We Party Hearty / DMSR, I Want To Be Free, Sticky Like Glue, Guitar, How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore? / Please Don't Go, Which Way Is Up, Dreamer.

Ticket Price (DKK): 500

Ticket Provider: Venue

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Language: EN

Updated: 2010-10-26 21:36

Created: 2010-10-21 05:44

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