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Prince @ The O2 Arena, London, 2007-08-14 [Concert Review]

Prince - The O2 Arena - London - 2007-08-14 - Live

This was by far the best O2 Arena gig of the 3 we saw. Our seats (107, HH) were a bit further away from the stage than had been the case at the other two gigs but the view was still great being able to see a bit more of the stage and the sound was equally good. The crowd on Tuesday was excellent and it seems that the very drunk people are mostly a weekend thing because people were really into the music and the party this evening. Heeeey Funky London!

Beverley Knight opened just as she'd done on Friday and again she did a good job.

Prince and the band seemed incredibly focused and gone was the karaoke-dancing section. This time the focus was much more on the music. Most songs were not cut after just one verse and instead played in their entire glory. We were even treated with 2 tracks from "Planet Earth" those being "Guitar" and a phenomenal "Here On Earth" where Prince really demonstrated the fantastic voice of his.

Along the ride we had such nice tracks like "Forever In My Life" and "Alphabet St." I guess you will never get tired of the outstanding guitar solo in "Purple Rain" any time soon either. Prince really rocked his guitar on this Tuesday night. He has to be the most underrated guitarist ever. The man is a God with a guitar.

The show had surprisingly started with "1999" and it ended nicely with "Crazy" and "Nothing Compares 2 U". It wasn't a long gig but we knew we would be in for more just a few hours later at the Indigo2. The man was rockin' so much that there was no way that he wouldn't be playing at the aftershow.

Taking photos is an experience at these gigs. Security is all over the place and they got far worse during the 3 days we went there. If it gets much worse they'll start and strip search everybody. It seems absolutely ridiculous trying to prevent something like that. I guess Prince has an incredible fear of cameras, maybe thinking they eat his soul away or something. Sorry Prince. I just don't get this at all.

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Rating: 5

Band: Prince

Venue: The O2 Arena, London, UK

Concert Date: 2007-08-14

Support Band: Beverley Knight


1999, Musicology, Prince & The Band, Cream, U Got The Look, Shhh, Take Me With U, Guitar, Somewhere Here On Earth, 7, Forever In My Life, If I Was Your Girlfriend, Black Sweat, Kiss, Purple Rain, Alphabet Street (incl. Hey Funky London chant), I Feel For You, Controversy (incl. Housequake chant), Let's Go Crazy


Crazy (Shelby vocals), Nothing Compares 2 U

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